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Khatri family names include Anand, Awal, Bachewal, Badhwar, Baijal, Bagga, Bajaj, Bakshi, Batta, Bedi, Behal (Behl), Bhalla, Bhola, Bhasin, Bhandari, Bhandula, Bindra, Birghi, Chadha, Chandok, Charan, Chona, Chopra, Choudhary,Chetal, Dhall, Dhawan, Dhir, Dua, Duggal, Dhupar, Dumra, Gambhir, Gandhi, Gandhoke, Gadok, Gadhiok, Ghai, Gujral, Gulati, Gulla, Handa, Jerath, Jairath, Jaggi, Jalota, Jolly, Kakkar (Kacker) ,Kapoor (Kapur), Katyal, Keer, Khanna, Kehar, Khosla, Khullar, Kohli, Koshal, Lala, Lamba, Loomba, Madh… The concept of Gotra was the first attempt among Brahmins to classify themselves among different groups. There are major Brahmin castes in India and in addition to them, there are several Brahmin sub-castes. Gotra, lineage segment within an Indian caste that prohibits intermarriage by virtue of the members’ descent from a common mythical ancestor, an important factor in determining possible Hindu marriage alliances. The Rev MA Sherring had, in the 1860s, compiled some 2,000 of them in the second volume of his Hindu Tribes and Castes. Mevish Choudhary from kashmir.

Muzaffarnagar in U.P, Bhut kuch to aise hi likh diya aap logo neKya rathore ek gotra h are rathore ek vans h or rajputo me aata hOr tomar bhi ek vns hMere hisab se bhut kuch glat h Copy bhut ki h, Aadi se Jada toh Rajput ki cast hai isme his wrong, kheppar,finally mil hi gayi,nahi taan koi manda hi nahi si kay aa goath vi hundi hai. The epics do not present a sufficiently clear picture to determine the exogamy of such lineages; marriage alliances appear rather to have been motivated by territorial considerations. Please add Kandal gotra in list .... A great effort had been made.

In fact, as per the Vedic system, a man and a woman belonging to the same gotra are considered to be a brother and sister, and hence, a marriage between a man and a woman belonging to the same gotra (known as sa-gotra) is forbidden as it will cause anomalies in the progeny that come out of such a marriage. The Brahmin subcastes are broadly categorised into two great geographical divisions-the north and the south.

Other gotras are said to have been derived from these gotras. The name of the gotra can be used as a surname, but it is different from a surname and is strictly maintained because of its importance in marriages among Hindus, especially among the higher castes.

This enumeration of seven primary gotras seems to have been known to Paṇini.

Yes. Ancestry of Rahul Gandhi is subject of curiosity as his grandfather Feroze Gandhi was from the Parsi community.

"If you don't have the ability to handle it," he says, "you're gone." Sahni from Isfahan in Iran. Vohra from Bokhtar, Iran (initiall the name was Bohkar i sallute u bhai g jai ho gurjar samaaj ki gurjar ekta zindabaad hum gurjar jeete hai shaan se any one known about our gurjar samaj so u can call me on 8053907008 m always ready for gurjars, hi gurjar bhaiyo jai dev narayan ki abhi (khorwa,chaad,khara,minadaar,famda,fagna,etc baaki hai please isko note kiya jaye, Hi Dear,Kindly add & update Vikal (Boken) Gotra bcz First Gujjar Deputy CM from UP (Ram Chander Vikal- Boken).Thanks TR Gujjar, Yodha sawaibhoj jiProud to be a gujjar-MEET SINGH KHOKHAR, I salute to all my "GUJJAR" brothery & brothers , where ever they live.I request all of you to please continue all your" GUJJAR "customs(Rasm O Rewaj) particularly on shadi veah (Marriage).If some gotras are missing it is due to non availability of record.Ch.Mohummad Yousaf Gujjar (Ladi).

Literally, a panchayat (from Sanskrit pañca, “five”) consists of five members, but usually there are more; the panchayat has a policy committee,…, Jajmani system, (Hindi: deriving from the Sanskrit yajamana, “sacrificial patron who employs priests for a ritual”) reciprocal social and economic arrangements between families of different castes within a village community in India, by which one family exclusively performs certain services for the….

A convener of the Kadyan Khap, Naresh Kadyan, petitioned the courts to seek amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act to legally prohibit such marriages. Village kadoli District Baghpat, Bhai amit bhadhana ji MOSTER gotra bhi add kro, Plz update list I think this list is incomplete..... Any one can get more information about Gurjar community from the list, Prajapati bhi ni aad kiya gujjaro me hai Prajapati bhi.

In later times the number of gotras proliferated when a need was felt to justify Brahman descent by claiming for one’s line a Vedic seer. DevRaj Nagar, DGP UP DGP with IG Zone, DIG Range & SSP Meerut WE SHOULD FEEL PROUD ON THE ACHIEVEMENT OF Sh. Dist.

Gotra is the name of the founding father.
Kolis are reputed to be the best of fisherman in Bombay while in … It broadly refers to people who are descendants in an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor or patrilineal. Janjua from Jaujan area in Afghanistan, 13.

Please note that the names of gotras are originally the names of tribes which were obsorbed in the respective Jaats (Castes). Veer surmaan gurjar hun humari jaati h sheron ki. Many lines of descent from the major rishis were later grouped separately. Greetings to All Gujjar/Gurjar brothers.Feeling happiness to see Munan Gottra in list, Sohail Faisal Gujjar, Faisalabad Pakistan. The system was, to some extent, adopted by non-Brahman groups in order to take on some of the social prestige accorded Brahmans.

please tell me gurjar gotra Naru ( at Bareilly side ) and Nagar ( at Noida side ) same or different.

Raj Kumar bhadana nawada koh faridabad, Bhai re gurjar hun esliye khud par abhiman karta hun Saat Saat gurjar hone ke naate sabhi or jaatiyon ka bhi samman karte hun, shri radhe ji well that is very good to know that we have that much gotra in gurjars .madan dorata jaipur.

Sign up to receive breaking newsas well as receive other site updates! The vital information in this blogs has allured me.more helpful hints. Under various names this tribe has existed in different ecological conditions. nice great job its an amazing creation by u jus carry ondude.......i will be with u .... i think u have missed some thing its Dagar after all u have done a wonderful work i appreciated, gotra to bhai bahu nahi hai aur abhi samil kare GotraTONGAR TongarTongarTongar, Abhi bhi kuch kamiya hai Kamar Koi bhi add karen, abhi to eshme apna gotra to add hi nhi kia h "MAHANA", manakas/mankash gurjar dist.junjhunu (raj.)

The fact that people belong to a certain gotra says nothing about their domicile, original place of residence, mother tongue or family occupation, which can be known from than lower lever classification below gotra: pravaras, sutra (of Kalpa), shakha and Haritash,Indoria, Kavist, gautamasa 7 sages;gautama,ayasya,ousishya,oushaja,kankshvadana,bhriguridhdha,vaamadava:krishna yajurveda tiettereeya saakha,, By inter marriage with other sub-groups of the same, Suryadhwaja: Lakhi (Mehrishi), Soral, Binju, Kowsika: Vishwamitra,Aghavarshana,Kowsika, Kasyapa, Aavatsaara, Dev , Naidruva(Naitruva), Rebha, Raibha , Sandila, Saandilya, Naitruvakaasyapa: Kasyapa,Aavatsara,Naitruva, Kutchasa: Hatita, Ambarisha, Yuvanaswa, Mahandatha, Dharbapingala, Vatsa: Orva,Bhardwaj,Bhargava, Chyavana, Aapnavan, Vedārtha-Pārijata by Swāmi Karpātri,Published by Sri Rādhā Krishna Dhanuka Prakāshan Sansthan,Calcutta,1979;(Sañchālakas: Vedasāstra Research Centre, Kedārghat, Vārānasi).
Please contact to author with legal documents in support of your gotrs.If some gotras are missing from the list , it does not mean that they are not GUJJARS.It is great pleasure for me that GUJJARS are introducing themselves.I will request to honorable Author to please reconsider the under consideration list of gotraCh.Mohummad Yousaf Gujjar Hoshyarpurya (Ladi).

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