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I'm starting to see what's happening here, and I like it. Some kind of electric anchor. 3.5 stars for the narration. Don't judge a book by it's cover it is really about bloodthirsty pirates. Pretty good book for kids. Creep from the Deep, howe. Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. L. Stine and, “The engines roared. This book was funny and full of zombie pirates and other strange things. Billy's leg is injured in leaving the sub, forcing him to use a piece of driftwood as a crutch. about to come to life. The Creep From The Deep is about two kids and a docter named Billy, Sheena, and Dr.D. However, they soon find the zombie pirates and fall into a pit. Shielding my eyes with one hand, I squinted into the distance. Normally, the Cassandra has a crew of three or four. He is searching for a sunken pirate ship, the Scarlet Skull, which vanished in a black cloud back in the 1780s, along with millions of dollars worth of gold and jewels. but it was cool as stories goes. Just when they think the tide is turning, Billy and Sheena accidentally tally dive into a dangerous mystery. What they don't expect is a treasure hunt leading to a 200-year-old sea captain... who refuses to stay dead! The siblings get on. Billy and Sheena are back, and once again visiting their marine biologist uncle, Dr.D. Previous book After he vanishes, the sub crashes into a ship that turns out to be the Scarlet Skull and is promptly attacked by zombie pirates. Stine's stories are known to have false scares that end at most of each chapter and this one sadly has the most unnecessary ones. Almost anyway. I am not a big audiobook listener but I think it really works well for Goosebumps. Billy and Sheena start looking for Britney and Molly, and they end up going to The Play Pen. Creep From the Deep was okay. The four kids decide to explore HorrorLand, and they go to Quicksand Beach. Start at page one, and read the words, turning the pages as you finish them until you complete the book. This is the first book that I finished reading this year and have no complaints. Then just when you think that it's over, another adventure starts up. Roger then touches a red jewel in the shape of a skull on the treasure chest, only to find that it's a trap; both he and Goldy are turned to ash by it. Billy's main internal conflict is that he has to look brave in front of his sister while he is trying to survive from dead pirates! Media type While not among the elite (HorrorLand, Jellyjam, Living Dummy, Say Cheese and Die), they are still in the top quarter. However, as Dr. D tries to reach someone on the radio, they hear the pirates chanting over the transmission. After making it back to the surface, Billy and Sheena leave the submarine and swim to a nearby island. The enter horrorland chapter continues from Revenge Of The Living Dummy and overall is a very interesting read. Stine “Come on, Billy — jump!” Sheena called. They then throw Billy and Sheena overboard. Stine--with a story so fiendish that it can't be contained to just one book! In the lobby, Billy notices two girls, Britney Crosby and Molly Molloy, who look very distressed. I really enjoy the Goosebumps series. However in this story shows more of his imagination than the first book like the time he was "fighting a electric eel. It was also a lot darker than what Goosebumps books tend to be, which is nice. Billy and Sheena try to return the treasure, only to find that Captain Ben is not after the treasure; he wants his leg, the "driftwood" Billy has been carrying around. 137 Creep from the Deep (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #2). They go a s it turns out they some up the skeletons there, because the legend says they are zombie skeletons and it is real! Passé pirates, missing wooden legs, snooze fest horrorland adventure. Deep aboard his hi-tech boat. Goosebumps HorrorLand I did enjoy their time at Horrorland though. Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? Sheena and I took our places on a bench against the cabin wall. Who doesn’t love a story about zombie pirates?! They claim to be photographers and help them in bringing the treasure back to the surface. "Another difference of this story from the last story is the amount of responsibility Billy and Sheena have to show when their uncle can't help them survive. I can see why R.L. Especially her unknown Goosebumps, that manifest themselves. After lunch, Dr.”, “turned and gazed up at the empty hatch. But the villains being humans rather than monsters is a nice change of pace. There is nothing wrong with the more supernatural aspects of the series. I recommend this book to people looking for a side book that is not their main book, which would be the last one I reported "Deep Trouble". R.L. Revenge of the Living Dummy It may be a bit childish but it's always adventurous & fun and sometimes that's all you need from a book! The pair explain they dove into the black cloud as well after giving chase, and have been hoping to get the treasure back ever since. As I predicted, this book was not as good as the first one that I did a report on "Deep Trouble". Just when they think the tide is turning, Billy and Sheena accidentally tally dive into a dangerous mystery. And these stories do have a bit (mermaids). Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Brandon Dorman If you liked my previous review for the book Goosebumps: Deep Trouble and read the book then you will this because of their similarities. I would recommend this book to people who like action and suspenseful storie. Next book Scholastic It's a whole new ride from master of horror and bestselling author R.L. Saga They manage to escape with help from the driftwood, but are captured by the pirates and taken before their captain, Long Ben One-Leg, who has captured Dr. D and demands they return what is his. Refresh and try again. Author(s) Creep from the Deep is the 2nd book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series. When the main protagonist is telling the reading their "scare" was wrong then the rest of the "scares" proceeding have no claim to them at all. However, before Billy drowns, he realizes that he is in a water slide. Deep aboard his hi-tech boat. The deep siblings are back( Deep Trouble) ! In The Play Pen, they see a boy who wields a gray card and wins every game. Creep from the Deep, however, steers away from reality. I love the whole zombie pirate storyline. Creep from the Deep is the second book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand book series, and the third book in the Deep Trouble saga. We’d love your help. Billy and his sister, Sheena, unwittingly dive into a terrifying mystery when they accept a surprise invitation to HorrorLand--the amusement park that always lives up to its name. Stine is supposed to be like a sequel to the first one. Anyway another average Stine horror lite for the younger reader set, again with that weird serial bit at the end which just doesn't work well at all. Forever! Troubled Waters Ahead! The siblings get on a submarine to look for a sunken ship with treasure on it, which some scientists say its there. And these stories do have a bit (mermaids). I could see some trees near the shore. This page contains spoilers! 2008 Deep aboard his hi-tech boat. The thrilling book “Goosebumps Horrorland: Creep from the Deep” by R.L. I found Billy to be annoying with his pretend Mutant game. More like Creature Put Me to SLEEP. Billy and Sheena say that the same thing happened to them, but they overheard a Horror saying that their parents had simply been moved to another hotel in order to scare the kids.

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