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You can contact me : [email protected]. Also Read: – Golf Clash Hack And Cheats For Everyone to Earn Free Gems Coins in 2020. Balls can fly a longer distance in clubs with higher power values. On the Internet, thousands of sites are available that are assuring you to give unlimited coins and cheats for golf rival. If the arrow is pointing 45 degrees up and to the left and you need to be on that first hash mark, you … Answer from: SteveCSorry, I guess I'm not being clear. I share tips and tricks related to different video games on my blog. While playing your strike, you will see a blue circle, which is the recommended power for the shot. Always play wisely in this game and plan everything before the shot. An introduction to special balls' properties. In real life golf, these champions might not have used any golf rival cheats, but in virtual you need to keep all our golf rival cheats inside your pocket. Thank you for clarifying! You have to also line it up perfectly with the arrow. Guideline gives you more direction of the bounce of ball. When you strike harder by pulling it back, the rivals will be shocked. Before the shots, you will be asked about the length, and the game will show you the ‘recommended length’ of the strike but do not let the game make a fool of you. Answer from: SteveCThanks, but that's not what I'm asking. The most challenging component of this game is to understand the moving needle. You never know you are going to get the shot or not, but you have to take a step forward by taking these risks. Almost all you need to know including comprehensive rewards listings. Never let the game determine the length of your shot. These simple golf rival cheats can make you receive a good number of coins and gems. While playing, you should keep noting all the factors on your mind as these small details can make you win a good number of trophies and coins. To earn more, you have to think more. I know how the guideline works, having played 2000+ games and hovering around levels 11 and 12 between 6800-7200 points. In acquiring the pin, this trick will help you earn more coins and unlock more levels. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you strike high, your chances will increase to reach the goal that will also add some extra points to your account. An introduction with timeline to Golf Rival's newest game mode. Also, avoid all those golf rival mod apk that are not at all lawful. Answer from: Freddy O.Oooh got it! Guide Line Values? Plan everything in your head before every shot, always think about the pros and cons of the shot you are going to play. The moving needle is easy to tackle by practice, but you cannot take it lightly. So make sure you are aiming the ball at some distance as it will bounce some round. My Boneclaw sand wedge has a guideline rating of 3.4. Provides an overview of the 58 clubs and a guide to how to get club cards. All 45 tournament holes in one place with links to videos. What is the 3.4 improving on versus the 2.4? But doing so, never cross the boundary of legitimacy. You can change your ball in the middle of the game; that’s a better option in the game. If you are playing on rough land, your ball is going to bounce a lot in different directions or if it is a sloppy ground, then you will get the advantage to have a smooth strike. Bird's-eye view images of 200+ holes and links to 400+ video examples. Therefore when it comes to earning coins and gems, you will not leave any options undiscovered. It will lead to more expense of gems in your game. Do you know what Farman is referring to in regards to "white 3,6,9; yellow 6,12,18 green 15,30,45"? Bird's-eye view images of 200+ holes and links to 400+ video examples. Answer from: Seldomseen3,6,9 are the values for the rings in the White aiming circle. Clubs with a higher guideline value can help to establish a long distance shot. Adopt golf rival aim hack which your competitors can never understand, and you can take the lead. Welcome to the brand-new and fascinating free to play game——Golf Rival, a multiplayer online golf game.Just DOWNLOAD it now and play width people from all over the world! I'm not positive about this next part but I'm pretty sure it affects the bounce of the ball as well according to shot type, curved shots are gonna bounce further regardless but I think the higher the rating the more controlled and shorter hops vs a low rating where the ball bounces and sails past its target. You have to finish it up in only two shots. When you look at the blue circle, the moving needle will scare you. Hope this helps someone. Thanks! There is a separate value for Accuracy, so that's not the likely meaning. Risks are a crucial aspect of this game. 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