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The EED rock art features two images of relevance in our analysis, and each occurs with regularity in the Wadi’s leading westward to the Nile Valley. These fearsome goddess’ power was without ending, or so it seems. You are no doubt also familiar with the Lesser Magical Hymenoptera, the Blessed Spelling Bees and the Blessed Quilting Bees. Bashful — sip thy Jessamines — She continues to be inspired by the Divine Feminine in all of Her manifestations. History is rife with lost knowledge and traditions whose meaning has blurred with the passage of time. As I will’t, so mote it, Bees. So both Osiris and Jesus are linked to Bees – once again the question is; by association, were Bees also connected with the concept or resurrection? eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ancientegyptianfacts_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',128,'0','0']));In the later representations, specifically from the time period of the 5th Dynasty, she started wearing the Red Crown. As this definition is somewhat ambiguous to our 21st century minds, we will examine what other ancient cultures knew the Sphinx as in hopes of gaining further insight. Probably not significantly. Images from the ancient world are frequently interpreted through modern eyes as representing supernatural or even extraterrestrial events, due to the extraordinary images they portray. The Great Mother Goddess Neith, was worshiped at Sais and her temple was called ‘The House of the Bee’. It is this fact that has inspired the famous New Age adage, Be careful what you wish for because you may get it. During the Sed Festival, Pharaoh would run around an outdoor temple with a tail of a bull affixed to his regalia, stopping to shoot arrows in all cardinal directions in order to symbolically mark the boundaries of his kingdom. What a wonderful, informative post! Her garden & her home were all she had — Cooking Under Pressure – Honey Poppy Seed Vinaigrette, Favorite English Garden Bee Plants - Marguerite Daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens), The Romancing The Bee Diet - Day 8 - Honey Raspberry Glazed Salmon, Girl History Month - Deborah The Matriarch. A warrior goddess. It has long been known that the Good Neighbors tend to have a skewed sense of humor. And least we forget, it was the Bee that led ancient man to the plants whose hallucinogens transported consciousness into the spirit world of the gods. This is something that we ignore at our own peril. He lifted the veil of the goddess at Sais. Melissa, the Bee goddess of Mount Eryx Bulls provided an important domestic function, this is beyond dispute, but could the fact that an Apis bull produced 1000 Bees (souls) have been the real reason why the bull was held sacred in the first place, like it had been 4000 years earlier in ancient Turkey and even earlier in France? But I so love seeing them coming and going and they help my garden be so much more than it was before their arrival. Curiously, Cybele was often worshipped in the form of a meteoritic stone, or a stone from heaven. When They fly among us, the Bees carry tiny baskets, and among Their gifts to us are magical venom, pollen, propolis, beeswax, and royal jelly. On the wall of the tomb of Rekh-Mi-Re all phases of the honey industry are depicted; how the combs were removed from the hives with the aid of smoke, the baking of honey cakes, the filling and sealing of jars, etc.”. Spring arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and all of Goddess’s children are waking up from our winter slumbers. With respect to the Dancing Goddess motif, Yosef Garfinkel informs us of an intriguing observation in his book, Dancing at the Dawn of Agriculture; “In the early Neolithic period of the Near East, female figures played the dominant role in dancing, and they compromise 75% of the depictions. Barbara, thanks so much for sharing your tale of the Blessed Bees our Found Good Neighbors. Was the Sphinx already present when Menes first established Kingship and was it known that the Sphinx represented the Bee, hence the Pharaoh’s title, Beekeeper? Neith is identified with that water. As a war goddess, Neith manufactured weapons for warriors and she guarded their bodies when they died. Graves also states in his authoritative work, ‘The Greek Myths’ that Plato identified Athene with the Egyptian goddess Neith, who as we have seen, is associated with the Bee in a multitude of ways. Invoke them with these words and in your most mellifluous tones: Twinkle, twinkle, Blessed Bees, As many readers of Ancient Pages may know, from our article that explains the meaning of several ancient Egyptian symbols, the eye “ is often seen as an amulet in the form of "wedjat-eye". Seems buried in the juice, which was his own. As mentioned in our earlier article, “Apophis (also known as Apep) symbolized chaos and powers of darkness. I am reminded of how I grateful I am to bees every time I enjoy my favorite fruits. As we all work to find ways to protect the bees may we, indeed, “honor cooperation, harmony and work well done.” Jenna. The head of the Sphinx – did the image once portray a Bee Goddess? She presides over crafts of all kinds, including witchcraft and warcraft. In the tomb of Pa-Ba-Sa, in Thebes, the entire wall is decorated by rows of bees. And of course Sipa is Apis spelt backwards. Why then, should the source of these important byproducts – the Bee, not have been worshipped? by Rita M. Gross, Catholic Feminists Meet, Strategize by Rosemary Radford Ruether and Theresa Yugar, Learning from the Nation by Jameelah X. Medina, Sexist Responses to Women Writing About Religion by Sarah Sentilles, The Mask and the Mirror – Part 2 by Sara Wright. ‘Bee’ in Latin is ‘Apis’, which may have derived from Sipa / Asipa in Mesopotamia; Sipa meaning ‘Great Shepherd in the Sky’ and Apis meaning Osiris. Validating Plato’s account some 300 years later, a philosopher by the name of Crantor traveled to Sais to investigate the legend for himself. In fact, it has been suggested that the Sumerians invented Apitherapy, or the medical use of Honey Bee products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee venom. Another centre known for its Djed raising rituals was Memphis – the domain of the god Ptah, who was known as “the Noble Djed’. The Great Mother Goddess was often called “Melissa”, meaning “the Queen Bee.” In the myth and imagery of both cultures, associations of the Mother Goddess with the little honeybee are abundant.

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