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Numbered circles on the map (c) represent scenarios that can be unlocked through the course of playing the campaign. At the end of its next turn, the INVISIBLE token is removed. When first starting the game, a player’s hand should only consist of the set of Level 1 ability cards for the character’s class. All of this is now live so I came back for a new game. Any time an Attack ability is performed, a separate attack modifier card is drawn for each individual target of the attack. The modifier listed on the card is then applied to the attack, possibly reducing or increasing its numerical value. BLACK means the monster is not present, WHITE means a normal monster is present, and GOLD means an elite monster is present. A map of Gloomhaven (a) and the surrounding area (b). 29–30 for details) but if the monster can attack multiple targets, it will attack its focused enemy and as many other enemies as possible to maximum effect. Any other rewards (k) earned by completing the scenario when in a campaign. Enhancement put on ability cards are permanent upgrades. In the case that players immediately travel to a new scenario, they must complete a road event before starting the new scenario unless they are playing the same scenario, the new scenario is linked to the previous scenario, or they are playing in casual mode.

STUN – If a figure is stunned, it cannot perform any abilities or use items except to perform a long rest (in the case of characters). Either card can be played first for its top or bottom action. In addition to specific loot abilities, a character must also loot any money tokens or treasure tiles present in the hex he or she occupies at the end of the character’s turn. Just like characters, monsters also have the ability to create and consume elements. This includes forced movement like PUSH or PULL. If a player only has one card or no cards in their hand, the long rest action is their only option.

If the monster had a ranged attack, it would remain in its current hex and attack the Brute. GAME DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: Isaac Childres, GRAPHIC DESIGN: Josh McDowell, Isaac Childres, ART: Alexandr Elichev, Álvaro Nebot, Josh McDowell, EDITING: Jim Spivey, Mathew G. Somers, Marcel Cwertetschka, SPECIAL THANKS: When the city reaches a new level of prosperity, players gain two benefits: When a scenario is successfully completed as part of the campaign, a number of rewards are gained by the party. A monster will attack on its turn if “Attack±X” is part of its ability card. If a room has two exits, players may use whichever one they wish, though the one they don’t use is closed off. At certain points in the book, players will be directed to stop reading until certain conditions are met. B has an attack associated with it...if you resolve Augment B before discarding Augment A that one attack will actually have both Augment effects. Place a token on the first marked position of the card’s action and advance it one space each time the effect is triggered, left to right, top to bottom. However, each character also has immediate access to three Level X cards. Any scenario marked on the zoomed-in inset in the top right of the map is considered to be in Gloomhaven (even 58 and 86). When a player’s character retires, they can choose a new character to play, drawing two new personal quest cards, keeping one and discarding the other. The numbers for the treasures are referenced in the back of the Scenario Book, so that rewards are kept secret.

Some character actions can also apply these effects without an attack, and in such cases the target of the effect is written on the ability card.

If it had a single-target melee attack, it would move 1 hex (b) to be adjacent to the Brute and attack. So, Augment A would discard after the attack of Augment B. Also generates a ton of XP from the get-go. The loss card allows you to permanently have two Augments. This link will also be listed in the scenario’s entry in the scenario book. When these special effects are activated, they function exactly as if they had been written on the action card being used for the attack. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. So I was playing my level 3 rat (Remy) last night and thinking about how much I liked the idea of the augment system but disliked the implementation (Play Mind's Weakness and leave it there). A rolling modifier symbol (g) indicates that an additional modifier card should be drawn. When the box is first opened, the following six classes are available to play: Brute , Tinkerer , Spellweaver , Scoundrel , Cragheart , and Mindthief .

Monsters treat invisible characters exactly as if they were obstacles. Ambiguity can occur when comparing one or more added effects provided by attack modifier cards (e.g., elemental infusions, negative conditions, etc.) If the scenario is successfully completed and the character meets the criteria of the chosen card (a), he or she will earn a number of checkmarks as specified on the bottom of the card (b). A summon’s turn in the initiative order is always directly before the character who summoned it, and is separate from that character’s turn.

The campaign board is used to track the global progress of the game world.

In either case, follow the level-up steps on p. 44, adjusting the character’s experience value to the minimum value required for the new level. Whoever has the lowest initiative value takes their turn first, then the next highest, and so on until every figure on the board has acted. When a monster is brought to zero or fewer hit points by an attack or any source of damage, that monster immediately dies and is removed from the board.

The following are positive conditions. Party achievements, reputation, and location will be tracked on this notepad. Players also receive bonus experience for successfully completing the scenario. There are many build options, but this Cragheart build guide focuses on the ranged build. Figures cannot attack their allies.

More The Black Barrow: The Official Gloomhaven Wiki, The Black Barrow: The Official Gloomhaven Wiki. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. 20–21.

Enhancements persist through all instances of a specific character class, even after retirement. Monsters always consume elements if they can, and every activated monster of that type will gain the benefit of the consumed element, not just the first monster to consume it. If the performed action from a card contains a symbol in the lower right of the action field, the card is instead placed in a player’s lost pile. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. That value is increased by 1. For every three checkmarks a character earns, he or she immediately gains an additional perk on their character sheet and applies its effects to their attack modifier deck. If a single augment lists multiple element uses, all elements must be used to activate the augment. In this case, they will use the path moving through the smallest number of negative hexes possible to find a focus and suffer any consequences. The name of the item (a) and the amount of gold a character must pay to acquire the item from the shop (b). This should be read first. A figure cannot end its movement in the same hex as another figure. Once the character begins to level up, he or she will also get access to higher level cards to add to his or her hand by pulling others out. Thanks for that clarification. “Main line ability” refers to an ability written in large font (as opposed to modifiers written in a smaller font under the main line): The base cost associated with any enhancement depends on the sticker and what ability the sticker is enhancing. An ally can be within the affected area of an attack, but they will not be targeted by it.

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