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He first appears wearing light blue pleated and cuffed shorts, and a tucked-in leopard-print shirt with short sleeves. The sequence also shows that the cowboy hat that Emily had is very similar to Andy's hat but with an additional white lace area, and Emily's hair was brown, just like Mrs. Davis's hair in the first film.[25][26]. Battlesaurs – A group of mostly humanoid dinosaur toys who initially believe themselves to be real beings rather than playthings (like Buzz in the first film). Mrs. Davis is presented as a loving mother to Andy and Molly, but is a major (though indirect) threat to the toys. In the game, he has a convertible (the ZurgsMobile) that matches his personality. They fight each other in a boxing match, with the blue robot beating the red robot. In Toy Story, he begins the series believing he is a real Space Ranger (the other toys are aware that they are toys) and develops a rivalry with Woody, who resents him for getting more attention as the newcomer. The Aliens are separated from the others by a bulldozer when they wander off, having spotted a crane. Nervous Sys-Tim mentioned that nobody wanted to see an accurate depiction of the human nervous system while eating. Although Rex is a toy dinosaur, he dislikes confrontation and is sensitive in nature. In Toy Story of Terror!, she and Bonnie stay at a motel, and she calls the police to arrest the manager when she discovers he has been stealing toys from the customers to sell them online. Prospector appears in the Toy Box mode of Toy Story 3: The Video Game,[31] although Grammer did not reprise the role. Lotso lied to Big Baby, claiming that he and Chuckles had also been replaced, and upon arriving at Sunnyside, he established a prison for toys, with Big Baby acting as his right-hand man. Giggle McDimples. "Slinky Dog" redirects here. In Toy Story 2, one of the drawers in the cleaner's carrying case contains chess pieces, a reference to the short. Potato Head and Mrs. He, Lotso and Chuckles were all owned by Daisy before they were left behind. They are later donated to Sunnyside along with the rest of Andy's toys. Davis was ultimately named after and based on Andy Luckey, the son of animator Bud Luckey, Pixar's fifth employee and the creator of Woody. At Second Chances Antique, the tots bump into Duke Caboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman, who helps the toys rescue Forky, but due to a run-in with Gabby Gabby and The Bensons, the toys bail out. [27] Barbie appears with Ken in Hawaiian Vacation. They eventually escape with help from Jessie, and depart the Sleep Well on a mail truck. In the first film, she slobbers on Mr. They almost get caught by Big Baby because one of the Aliens falls off Bullseye and squeaks, but manage to hide inside a pail. This causes Sid to panic and run back into his house screaming, and then to his room when his sister scares him with her toy doll. Trixie, Dolly, Buttercup, and Mr. Pricklepants return in Toy Story 4 and the short films. Her head and hair is roughly the same height as the entire rest of her body, and considerably wider, and her skin is caramel as seen in her face and arms due to her sleeves being cut off. The following toys were stolen from their owners during their stay at the Sleep Well motel. Potato Head to "use the wand of power", referring to the truck's gear lever. Sid spots Buzz inside the claw game and tries to win him. Woody attempts to save Buzz and escape through the claw game's maintenance hatch, but the Aliens stop him and say that they must not fight the claw. She was modeled after the 1983 doll Great Shape Barbie. [46] She lives inside a folding compact similar in concept to Polly Pocket. He is shown to be a garbageman with a small beard, recognizable by his characteristic skull T-shirt.

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