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hopefully that will change as I get used to trainer riding and interval training. I don’t wish to seem condescending but if I’m still enjoying and able to ride a bike like you do at 68, I will be very pleased! I have aging knees and struggle with recovery that seems to get worse every year. Your FTP is greatly influenced by training. In this article, I’m going to show top 4 things to check before every ride I follow personally. The table shows the impact of a head wind. The calculator is composed of three parts. If you are a sprinter or an endurance cyclist, you can see the impact. He barely rides outside anymore because of drivers in his area, but barring knee surgery recovery has been pretty religious about repeating SSB1 & 2 more than most people. So if you are 90 kg , 300 Watt is much more attainable than if you are 60 kg . I am 66 and have been using Trainer Road for a couple of years with a Wahoo Kicker trainer. You can adjust this value to see the impact. Age being just a number etc etc. I compete in road and CX and do a little one to one coaching. The decline of endurance cyclists is even less. One of the guys I ride with is 70 and his FTP is over 300. But chances are pretty good you are not at your current max so have at it. As previous poster says it seems that actual FTP varies widely and that depending on your weight - the better measure of compatibility is w/kg. It is easy to check the existing level of FTP, using a power meter, but It was interesting to know, what is maximum hour power output. But at our age you really have to pay attention to nutrition and recovery. How fast are you in different circumstances? I cycle with guys your age and older who are much stronger than me. Test included. In short, once you start using FTP, you'll become a file-sharing savant. Reply. 6 months on my own and the last 3 years with a coach. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The cycling performance must at least include a distance and a time (and the weight of the biker). In a low, the air pressure is lower and consequently also the air density and your air resistance. Enter your bodyweight and FTP. Usually in the spring after a full training cycle I am above 300 FTP. 150 watt FTP seems kind of pathetic but you know it works for me as a marker. Your weight has a lot to do with your Watt output . At the third part you can make your own calculations on the achievements of top cyclists or other cyclists. TR will help you improve your power. Im 54, one of the guys im riding with is now 70 and is a beast, strong powerful rider who rides hard constantly. 95% of 20 minute max power seems to be a good estimate of FTP. I started TR last December at an FTP of 168 and in May it was up to 190. See where you are and try to improve aspects of your riding that you want to get better. A standard value of 20 degrees Celcius is used, but you can adjust this value to see its impact. I use a constant power ride to exhaustion at ~60min to set my FTP. The attainable speed decreases slowly with time. I’m a 68 year old male that usually ride around 4000 to 5000 miles a year with most of the miles being pleasure riding. I’m a 64 year old recreational/pleasure cyclist, 2,500 outside miles this year. YOUR number is where your at now. Kevin ... Froome did a well publicised test where his FTP was 419 @ 69.9kg – giving an FTP of 5.99 putting him in the middle of World class, where we would expect him. File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is one of the most common ways to transfer files between computers. You can adjust these values to see the impact. If you have data on the other factors, you can adjust the given standard value. You can also adjust your body weight and look at the differences. Also the attainable speed of elite cyclists is shown. Initially it was just to try and help me survive the family heart attack, but found I really enjoyed it. I went from an FTP of 170 to where I am now at 245. The topic was admitted focused on ex-pros and their seeming ability to retain their fitness. In fact one of them is approaching 70 and did The Mammotte last year! When I started TR back in 2013 I think I had an FTP of 195. The table shows your attainable speed on a flat course and while climbing the Alpe d’Huez. The rolling resistance factor depends on the tire type, the tire pressure and the road type. Sprinters have a larger decline of the speed with time than all-round cyclists. Should shed some light on these questions, Only on the TrainerRoad forum do you find guys in their 60s with bigger FTPs than riders I know in their 20s and 30s. I keep hearing about FTP’s of 300 watts and don’t think this is realistic for me. I keep hearing about FTP’s of 300 watts and don’t think this is realistic for me. It is a guideline. The program calculates the FTP of your biker. I recently purchased Garmin Vector pedals and would like to know what is a realistic FTP for my age. So it is probably true that all that matters at this stage of life is to keep moving and see if you can raise the difficulty of your workouts over time if you stick to it. Enter the wind velocity in meter/second or the wind force in the Beaufort scale. An alternative is to estimate your FTP by using one of the first two methods, when you enter ‘No’ below. The density of the air is lower at an higher altitude, which results in less air resistance. I am close to 63 and have an FTP of 230 at 145 lbs, 10 stone 5 for UK readers. many “it depends.” But here’s a quick and dirty way to estimate what your FTP based on body weight, age and gender… Step 1. I am 34 and weight 88kg - down from 101 this year and have ftp of 234. A standard value of 0 meter per second is used. This problem will be solved as soon as possible. For all other factors we entered a standard value. I average 4K miles a year over the last 15 years, mostly endurance pace. A standard value of 0.975 is used, but you can adjust this value to see the impact. If you do not know your FTP, go directly to the tab: Calculate the FTP of elite cyclists (or yourself).| Choose one of the three parts/tabs. Depending on your choice you will immediately see a number of subtabs. At higher temperatures the air resistance is less. Your cycling power is mainly determined by jour body weight in kg and your FTP (your Functional Threshold Power), in Watt/kg. A lot also depends on your genetics . The table shows the effect of a 5 kg weight loss or weight gain. #7 RapDaddyo, Jan 16, 2014. jcm01 New Member. I found the solution how to determine and created the calculator, which help identify FTP depending on gender, age and weight. He really loves the structure of it and the fact that there is no guess work about what to do. If someone has an FTP of one, that would give them an age adjusted FTP of 2 (1 / 50%), while someone with an FTP of 3 would have an age adjusted FTP of 6 (3 / 50%). You are where you are whether you are 18 or 68. The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users? I race with some guys in their 70’s who just blow my doors off. Especially in the mountains your weight is a large determinant of your FTP The combination of raising your FTP through structured training combined with weight loss is everyone’s formula for faster riding. Your FTP is inversely proportional to your body weight. No one wants to give an answer. The temperature has impact on the air density. if you’re used to doing a lot of miles starting on mid should be ok - I started on SSB mid 1 which is about 6 h per week and it was tiring but doable. It seems to get harder as i get older to get back into shape. I too was wondering what the average FTP was for a rider in their 60s. Tips You Should Know About Clipless Pedals and Shoes, How To Set Saddle Height for Comfortable Endurance Cycling, Long-Term Review of Muc-Off Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube, 5 Reasons Why Chain Lubrication is Important, Sigma Bike Computer Pros & Cons After Using 5 Years of ROX 10 GPS, Sprintech Road Bike Mirror Long-Term Review, Elite Custom Race Bottle Cage Long Term Review, Castelli Squadra Long Water Resistant Jacket Long-Term Review, Fizik Antares Versus v5 Saddle Long-Term Review. Enter the distance, the race time and the body weight of the biker. A standard value of 0,004 is set, but you can adjust this value to see the impact. How Useful Cycling Water Bottles in Keeping Temperature? I am 61 and have been riding seriously for 3.5 years. Joined: Oct 28, 2013 My average TSS is about 550 per week and do 10+ hrs on the bike and a couple of gym sessions per week. Is curious to understand how W/kg would rank by age by sex. The first part is about your human engine (your power and weight) and the parameters who determine this (like training). From May - October I rode outside for pleasure and started round 2 of TR in November with an FTP of 172. This calculator is based on the theory of the Secret of Cycling. Hoping for an FTP increase this coming Tuesday on next ramp test. It shows how much power (watts) cyclist can continuously produce in one hour. He was never a cyclist before this all fell together because he wanted something to stay fit as a former rower. Subtract 0.5% for every year beyond age 35. Example: A body weight of 154 pounds (70 kg) estimates an FTP of 308 watts (154 x 2 = 308). Especially in the mountains your bike weight has a large impact. So for me hitting even 3/w/kg is a big first target. I was about to write - it’s amazing that you are doing that sort of miles as you approach 70 but then realised that sounds really condescending! Attention: The tab for calculating the Alpe d’Huez, gives conflicting results. All this has taught me is that unless you have any health issues age is just a number and you really are just as old as you feel. Enter below what kind of cyclist you are.

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