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For high differential tracks increase accel by 24% and set decel  to 0%. The larger this deadzone, the less the brakes need to be pressed for the car to brake as sharply as possible. With regards to tuning for transitions, ARBs are other people you know. You only have to change downforce levels if you reduce the car weight via weight reduction or other weight reducing parts. At best, you'll lose precious momentum, slowing you down and potentially causing your car to wobble and crash. First ride height base levels are set according to track size and temperature. Also cars with stiffer suspension require less bump whereas older cars with softer suspension require stiffer bump. Then dampers are adjusted to the tracks temperature conditions. Setup spring rates for AWD cars according to following scheme: AWD Front Spring Rate (%): RWD Rear Spring Rate (%), AWD Rear Spring Rate (%): RWD Rear Spring Rate (%) + Offset (0.05-0.9%, depending on body type). Building a Vehicle (Upgrades) NOTE: This page exists to assist U2SC community in upgrading, tuning and fine-tuning their vehicles in Forza. To ensure full feel of align torque the center spring is dynamic, ramping down with cornering load, slip and speed.

Medium High Speed: mostly full throttle with some slow corners, Medium Speed: mostly straights and fast corners.

Lowering this value too much may cause steering oscillation. If you are a fan of racing game, you must know Forza Motors…, Forza Motorsport 7 is the brand racing game of Microsoft, w…, If it stays like that then i agree the game will fall to th…, I feel that removing the ability for Guilds to ally would g…, Just like most games with similar economic mechanics and th…, AOSilver - The Best Albion Online Silver Store, Forza 7 Tuning Resource - Anti-Roll Bars Guide, Forza Motorsport 7 Graphics & Gameplay Improvement, Albion Online: master things and understand the pe…, Albion Online: Abolition of the Alliance System. Generally speed oriented tracks require an understeer setup while grip oriented tracks require an oversteer setup.

You can adjust this in the game's Steering Sensitivity slider in the Advanced Wheel Settings section below. Sport                        Decrease, Chassis Reinforcem. As a general rule of thumb older cars require higher caster than modern cars, race cars require lower caster than street cars and off-road cars require lower caster than road cars. What each one does is easily found by hovering over the option and we can't stress enough how important it is to read over the available information and select which options you want to have active or not. Car Type                            Tire Pressure Offset, High Performance Car                 +0.5, Race Car                                         +0.5, Race Truck                                     +0.5, Prototype Race Car                      +0.5, Open Wheel Race Car                  +0.5, ------------------------------------------------------------, Off-road Race Truck                     +0.5. For cars with a Standard Forza gearbox, a 3-speed sport gearbox and a stock final drive of sport transmission > 4.00 the sport gearbox is scaled to a reference final drive of 4.50. ACCELERATION AXIS INVERTThis reverses the direction you need to move the input axis to accelerate. High temperature conditions require stiffer springs and low temperature conditions require softer springs. Aero Kit                            Downforce, 1 Many cars don't have a stock rear wing, so in this case there is no downforce applied, Example: FWD road car with 2198lb, 64% wd, stock aero (10/25/25), front springs: 563.9, rear springs 370.9, Adding front and rear race aero kit with stock downforce 75/137 (balanced downforce for 64% wd is 75/169), Front spring offset: (75-10)/10=6.5, 6.5*0.5=3.25, Rear spring offset: (137-25)/25=4.48, 4.48*0.5=2.24,(137-169)/2=-16,-16*0.5=-8, total rear spring offset: 2.24-8=-5.76. Caster is also a car type specific setting. Differential tuning for specific tracks depends on the tracks differential profile and balance and is a two step process. To get the required final drive subtract the cars power from 400hp (the reference cars stock power), divide it by 6hp, multiply it by 0.01 and add it to 4.25 (the reference final drive). I've been always a racing game addict and started playing Forza with the very first Forza version back in 2005. Softening the leading sway bar transfers less weight towards the outside wheel, and cuts down on the strain on the laden front tire during cornering. Also off-road cars require lower differential settings than road cars. Exceptions are older road and off-road cars that require slight rear toe-in (max. Dampers for Bernese Alps Club (Short Road Track, Low Temperature, Oversteer Balance): Front rebound: 7.5 - 0.1 - 0.1 - 0.1 = 7.2, Rear rebound: 7.2 - 0.1 - 0.1 + 0.1 = 7.1, Example: RWD production car with general ride brake settings: 48% / 125%. For each 100lb decrease over stock weight you need to decrease downforce levels by 1. So balanced downforce levels kind of equalize the deviation of the cars front weight distribution from the ideal 47% front weight distribution by increasing or decreasing rear downforce in relation to front downforce. Full race tracks require stiffest dampers while full road tracks softest dampers. The larger this deadzone, the more the throttle will need to be pressed before the car begins to accelerate. if the front spring rate is lower than the rear spring percentage rate the front dampers should also be lower than the rear dampers and vice versa. This is a commonly misunderstood setting, so it’s important to give this a read.

This also serves a basis for grip and speed tuning as well as track specific tuning which will be covered in part 3 and 4, so make sure to read this first before advancing to track specific tuning. After you have the automobile in balance and also you begin to make the sure tune on several tracks, it is simple to adjust the roll stiffness to satisfy the range of track conditions. It also can create rear tire spin while accelerating out of a corner. It is important to understand that track size is not an absolute category across all tracks but a relative classification of track variants within a location.

TIP: Wheels with more torque, such as Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels, actually benefit from some damper scale; wheels with less built-in torque, such as the Logitech G920 and G29, actually require little to no damper scale. Example: FWD car, 2500lb, stock weight 3047, maximum/minimum downforce levels 155/158, drivetrain swaps available, Front: 155-2.47=152.53 --> 153, Rear: 158-2.47=155.53 --> 158 (minimum downforce), Example: RWD car, 2100lb, stock weight 2745, maximum downforce levels 392/570,  no drivetrain swaps available, Front: 392-6.45=385.55 --> 386, Rear: 570-6.45=363.55 --> 364, Cars with Custom Race Aero Kit and High Rear Aero. Setting rebound to stiff creates understeer during corner entry and while turning.

This acts in the center of steering. Similarily when adding front weight, rebound has to be reduced and bump has to be increased. 1. High: mostly straights and some slow corners, Low (Standard): more corners than straights. Springs for Bernese Alps Club (Short Road Track, Low Temperature, Oversteer Balance): Front springs: 567.15 - 0.5 - 0.5 - 0.5 = 566.65, Rear springs: 365.14 - 0.5 - 0.5 + 0.5 = 364.64, Example: RWD production car with general ride height settings: 4.0 / 5.0. a car with more rigid chassis / suspension requires higher overall damping stiffness. The general principle here is that the installed race aero kit is scaled (or calibrated) to the cars stock weight. Usually only car weight determines required downforce levels but for cars with standard Forza race aero kit and very high power (>=800hp) extra downforce is required to stabilize the car. For most race cars the stock tire compound is Race compound (only Drag compound is available as upgrade), likewise for some sports cars the stock tire compound is Sport compound (only Race and Drag compound available as upgrade). For cars with a Standard Forza gearbox and a 3-speed sport gearbox and a, stock final drive for sport transmission < 4.00 the sport gearbox is scaled to a reference final drive of 3.50. In this case rear downforce should not exceed 300lb for this car except when tuning for grip tracks which is covered in part 3. Race tracks are all official race tracks (Bathurst, Brands Hatch, Catalunya, COTA, Daytona, Hockenheim, Homestead, Indianapolis, Le Mans, Lime Rock, Long Beach, Laguna Seca, Monza, Mugello, Nurgburgring, Road America, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Silverstone, Sonoma, Spa, Suzuka, VIR). The larger this deadzone, the more the clutch will need to be pressed before the car’s clutch will begin to disengage. Front camber is usually higher than rear. Cars with very high power (>=800hp for road cars or >=1.5*stock power for race cars) require additional spring stiffness to stabilize the car.

Generally speed oriented tracks require an, The aero profile is relatively complex to allow a more diverse aero tuning for the different charac, The gearing profile is also relatively complex to allow a more diverse gearing tuning for the different charac, For a complete list of tracks with track type, track size, balance and profiles please refer to, Understanding How Track Characteristics Affects Tuning. We recommend that you always start with default settings in the game and your wheel driver before you start the game, including overall force feedback gain and rotation angle. In this case simply doubling of the springs is required. Decrease ARBs for cars with less weight and / or more rigid chassis (e.g. Differential is for fine tuning corner entry and exit behaviour.

Race                Decrease front springs3.

The frictional forces and thus damper are dynamic, allowing a stable feeling without a constant resistance to movement. Along with Force Feedback Scale, this is one of the most commonly misunderstood advanced settings.

It's also important to keep in mind that difficulty will naturally go up as you start racing in faster cars, so be careful not to make the game impossibly hard by cranking up the Drivatar difficulty on top of it.

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