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This blog will mainly deal with roleplaying in games such as World of Warcraft, Aion, MUDs and RP Forums, however the information here can be easily used and adapted to work in any roleplay game environment. A common way for the newly Forsaken to change their name is to keep their first name, and change their surname to something more... sinister. After fighting their way through a Burning Legion-controlled Undercity, the Banshee Queen and the Warchief succeed in killing Varimathras and retaking the Royal Quarter. If you would like to change your character's appearance, simply visit a Barbershop. Death knights for example, possess an addiction to inflict pain. While the Alliance buried the Forsaken that were killed at the Gathering at an Arathi graveyard, Sylvanas has used the failed reunion to further alienate the Forsaken from their human counterparts.[26]. [citation needed]  It is also a philosophy of divine humanism. His path is an abomination to the Forsaken.[118]. Dave Kosak said she could always grow in power down the line. year+=1900 The Mary Sue was trying to play a violent Rogue. You just pulled yourself out of the grave with nothing but an Undertaker to help you cope. [47] Though painful, this does not cause any actual harm or damage on their undead bodies, even over long periods of time. Often, a Forsaken cannot remember their name from life, so they pick one that sounds fitting – these names often sound darker than normal human names. The Shadowstalkers are spies — whose job description includes assassinations — and are in Northrend by orders of Varimathras.[70]. The only other Horde faction they even have a semblance of trust with is Silvermoon City and the blood elves. Forsaken Blightspreaders are mad scientists who as their name implies, spread the Forsaken blight. The Forsaken have also began to fortify their own territories, stepping up from their previous preferences of run down human-esque buildings in favor of their own architecture, seen briefly in Northrend. The Forsaken stand adamantly as Sylvanas loyalists throughout the Fourth War, with her using her psychologically manipulative tactics to ensure they remained angry and spiteful towards the Alliance and, eventually, towards Saurfang's loyalists as well, and with her eliminating any Forsaken who attempted to break away. [50] This is probably because Sylvanas was a high elf ranger in life and finds trust in her former companions. After numerous stages of experimentation, Putress succeeded in forming a counter-agent and curbing the spread of the plague of undeath. Nathanos however, has recently been training a new generation of Forsaken rangers comprising of undead humans, making the undead racial composition more diverse. Forsaken activity on Draenor is in Warspear and Horde Garrison, alongside other members of the Horde. [78], Through the years, the Forsaken have grown a kinship with the spiders of Hillsbrad and have managed to domesticate and breed them.

After Arthas successfully fought her off, however, Sylvanas was forced to face her inability to defeat her greatest foe alone.
Sylvanas knew she needed necromancers to heal, strengthen and replace her people, and she set about wooing necromancers away from the Scourge, mainly by force. [12] With their leader's sharp cunning and the assistance of their banshees, the undead forcibly coerced a number of lingering forces in Lordaeron to fighting their battles with them; such as gnolls, bandits, and ogres. Others don't even remember their time as a mindless slave of the Scourge and so bear no emotional trauma from it at all. Some of the Forsaken feel that their undeath is an illness or curse and long for a cure, but many think it is impossible to attain one. [72], The Forsaken include numerous other races and types of undead. Another thing to consider when you're creating the personality of your character is how their life as a human affects them now. [105] When the Holy Light is used with the intention to heal a Forsaken, it is immensely painful, yet effective. Many undead change their name after joining the Forsaken. The Lich King, however, enslaves the dead, stripping their free will.

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