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spaced picket fence, cut a board the width of the desired gap and use it as a spacer. 640 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4F9620C237B74D7693B5B1723023C424><6849D2249A5A4C4C896A9D740B9F74F4>]/Index[608 59]/Info 607 0 R/Length 145/Prev 434411/Root 609 0 R/Size 667/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream '7��teb�l�6����!� M�8���������FF|�����y�InKw��o�8a�͏�>a��Ļ|�h%m���|ʣX�iΥRz�=a�5���� ~��W��5������W�4�K��Š/�r���l�S��#뉻������}��W�C�>���}4�}4I��h�z*M��Ф�4��ѴIIk8��$��n�6~d��P�F��)0&^�H׆�jC!�x"�sI��-��3D_7��Ę���Ql8��d�H%�1݆�ߟ�M�u��ȑ_��}�@���q�9��o=^o�َ� s�n��Q�o���|Yo�C�����z�����>_���U|�������h2�>P��>#��M�����G.dM�g��6$O����ܒ�H��l�ZOB����b�in�Հ� Pickets lock into place for a glue-free picket … 5 0 obj ��X,��A���]�1����k)�r��y��Q\̌�� 9���ͥ��̝�u�1�����-���t����6�c``|��(�Ȩ�2�#-6_5 ����O#�y�4#0 �+F� %%EOF To install loose pickets to backer rails, use 8d or 10d box nails. Picket 1-3/8" x 1-3/8" x 16' White. Fence Supply Inc. is your #1 source for superior quality wood fence pickets. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible product available while staying within your budget. endstream endobj startxref Skip to content. Made of durable vinyl that requires minimal maintenance. }{���G���z�����{��BC?�H[cn|f`7�� �e? ... Vinyl Fence Pickets. �"�?��мCσ�:���I~�Y�����xn_�.��L�uQ�oͻ�፡�ȋ|T���>��I^���YZV5�b��V�1���ˤ�"}���5M�f'�x��ؕEb�[_�����x���H+�*D �H���H.բ�7=�S���zhC?��ǭ����p-�� Close search. Sep 23, 2019 - Explore Sherry Kissell's board "DIY picket fence ideas", followed by 291 people on Pinterest. 3 Various enhancements can be added to customize your fence such as caps, face trim, columns and stain treatments which can add to the beauty of your personal design. oa������-�`&pSH�/�2�A��J���'#5,�3����ߞ�쳭�Q��.���c1ȿsU���&�1m(�Jf�^�|����;-���� �zú��h %PDF-1.3 h޴��r�6�����v:� �3���J���4r���/h ��R�BR�����ԁupӱ)�O�Ё�Ё/d��R*�{���C-��? All rights reserved. (2��� White Picket 7/8" x 3" x 16' Kroy. << /Length 6 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> We also give you a choice of flat or French gothic posts. Start at one end of the rail and check for level and plumb every three or four pickets. Remember to check for plumb every few pick-ets. x��͖eGrf7�OqgJ�����fl�]�^$�(���Bvef���K���ђ��ҫh����972 X����������9�_������������i�[�\�����w_}خ>���߇���~�'����pZ������nww��e�ݜˊ�߇�/�M�4����n���\�����v���@{���e{Y=�]��o�����f>#���pݭ^���;�N���:�7믿���~����S�?����pwٟK-{�V-�k�r�.�rKXt��������Y+��q�;����=�����o��~E+��o�ʭ��t�WԲ=l�k��@?U��Pj9�rCx~Fx��bv��b0��as�9����a׊���b��j.7ҵ[�8�6�EG��?~�������tw�U����tޮ��ʿy@��o�_�����^?�����_����������o�^��]/w��8L������?����O��������zݢ;���,�J!�������_?�����5��ԯk���p���_���]֯^�����͛�����b�����>������D������o�K�����?�������������l�q^O�������\�\�^�{���LW^}���Af��z��p����������f����?��q���ܫ�>�t7�?�h�z��6���y��ڼ�������6_������V����������,o�22�z��n^p��˧�|�ӻS��b����/���v�5|�ɷO�x��㿾������:(��}����$���~����b���I#��pO���6w��a}�N���{��O�����P�~��;lOϫ����_i&��_ �W�>�������.��p�&�̕�L=� V�=M�ǿ��}d`�3���ϓ��<=�y���_n����9��y���t���A������~z�z����@��͛���]�����Y��N&�_?̾���`����~`���ϯ߾��� %��������� PRIVACY POLICYTERMS AND CONDITIONSWARRANTIES, Rackable up to 8-in in height over 8-ft of sloped terrain, works with pre-routed 5×5 posts: line, corner, end, Made of heavy-duty, low-maintenance vinyl construction. 0 $12.00. 666 0 obj <>stream :����1b��B*����=�GsB)�4F|������r"# E�i�-B��#1�����P����H�5��AcJS=�)M��4 ��h�}�#\�Ie�B�!���͏?���PL���pz��r�d08�^�u��^ �'.5�J���fn��an��}�rX'��Q�͊9W�駽���^�=�s�W#��"���ܦw�ZD2��4)���N�$-��)�9��3x �p.�g�����l����.� � h�bbd```b``���� ��D�����e���3`��d����,��"B �CDr��\��z�@$�U�H����"� ��XD���L�-��d؄+ R�H2jt���/�Ƞ ��ρ�����=H�AD�g`8� � V�� Register your product to ensure your receipt of all your Freedom warranty When it comes time to decide what type of wood to use on your new fence, we give you choices and options. A picket fence delivers instant curb appeal. 608 0 obj <> endobj �}�����_��W���sp�ob,��z5{�����S��w�?����z�L�������x����#j���.,ӑ�~2���2��V���%c�: ��{�S���b��i�֯�u��߿�Y����׳? Find all the fence parts and pieces you need for fence repairs, and even buy an entirely new fence for your yard or business with America’s Fence Store! ;������fz�C��s����dj���̬�ũ��3k����I���0������?==Ms��#�ԷO���Q},{Y���_��~�A���-�'Y�����y���~yP��Cfۭa�}vPF�y{P��a,��������m]����Aw �a�^lt6����۟&��.�eg�\��_��]�zx���7Yʇb>�@{v�.��=�E�t�[-�n �����u��ș/�?��m������e��6���_��ŀ�V:ޝO�ҭ|7=��t��v�Q��-��J0��w�C��7�����W���?|||���ْ�lo���m穽��Q�ˆ>�*��VV��m�87�o/V�o��L�ׅE7j��F���_~z�~��n�>~��~���s���[O�{�>ߺL��ٞ�X������rO���\��^֜����x��Xq��q�a�}b�>o�p?�h;K��=��2��ij;���y{w���o����q��o����������>�0�����;���_p^����|]�Ў����ֿ_ݠ]�|���8հȎaE�#qO�;�c1St;���1��"�s��m�yT�ns��߮����.

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