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You can check out the syllabus and get a good idea of what the class will cover. I would not hesitate to take another course from eLearnSecurity. then you would’ve definitely have googled “how to become a hacker”, “how do I start in penetration testing” or “does my cat secretly watch me while I sleep”. eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Student (PTS), Hands-On AWS Penetration Testing with Kali Linux Notes. All rights reserved. There sh*t is structured, nice and just damn right sexy. The Wi-Fi module is fun and informative and highly recommended if you have or are willing to purchase the required hardware but is not part of the exam itself and if you really want to safe to skip. Revisit the course materials and videos if you are stuck, Take your time to write and polish your report before submission, Enjoy the exam like the labs it is a really fun challenge to complete, Prepare a template penetration test report that you can use to document while doing the exam. The Intro module covers a lot of foundational material in a way that I found easy to understand. I decided to do the eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Student (PTS) course and the associated eLearnSecurityStudent Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification because I wanted a hands-on initial penetration testing certification. I recommend reading and trying the solutions in the labs even if you solved the lab goal on your own as they can give you more insight and another perspective on how to solve the lab challenge. Shortly after I completed the course and exam eLearnSecurity released the PTP v5, an update to the PTP v4 course materials. Take note though as the exam voucher included in this plan expires 180 days after purchase and if it expires you have to purchase a new voucher if you want to take the exam. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So ELearnSecurity is first of all amazing, it really is. I wanted a course that would cover some fundamentals that I may have missed. The exam covers all the materials in the course except the Wi-Fi, and Ruby modules. 02 Jul 2018 on eLearnSecurity, Penetration Testing, Review. A lot you learn as you go through labs and research. The course takes you through a very structured way of learning, it teaches you all the basics you need to know like NMAP scans and different flags to use, what and how XSS scripts and SQL Injections work, how to exploit SMB attacks and many more. It all started off when […] I decided to do the eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Student (PTS) course and the associated eLearnSecurityStudent Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification because I wanted a hands-on initial penetration testing certification. There are twenty-two labs in total covering topics such as web application and operating system enumeration and exploitation. The course material itself is informative and to the point. Thoughts are my own, don’t hack without permission because jail, etc. The Penetration Testing section was the largest section and covered the material well. I think they’re on V5 now but as far as im aware not to much has changed just some more stuff added, when you buy the course you will get the latest and greatest version. I understand the decision to keep the focus light though since this is an intro course. As I am sure most of you are aware that I passed my eCPPTv2 exam. While the forums have a low post volume the instructors and community members do respond to questions rather quickly and are helpful and friendly to beginners in the security field. A review about the eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional v4 course and the related eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester certification and exam. Lifelong paradox - cyber sec enthusiast - loves to learn The course also has 12 labs. The labs are awesome and honestly the best part of the entire course!

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