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This is largely due to the fact that the majority of the land area of Lincolnshire was surrounded by sea, the Humber, marshland, and the Wolds; these geographical circumstances permitted little linguistic interference from the East Midlands dialects until the nineteenth century when canal and rail routes penetrated the eastern heartland of the country. The region's dialect owes much of its grammar and vocabulary to the Nordic influences of its conquerors. The greeting 'now then' (as 'Nah theen') is still in use in Lincolnshire and North-East Derbyshire, used where other people might say "Hello".

Back of Rackhams - this phrase had its origins in the red-light spot once at the back of Rackhams department store (now House of Fraser) in Birmingham city centre. These phrases belong to the vernacular of Cockney rhyming slang, a code-like way of speaking that originated in mid-19th century East London. Some think me crocs ‘n gators. Riling describes the action of fidgeting or rolling about, usually directed at restless children clambering around on the furniture or play-fighting.

44. ‘BottleJob‘, the bottle shop and craft off-licence in Globe Town, takes its name from a Cockney rhyming slang expression used to mean ‘coward’, which owner Alex Dehayen recalls as his grandfather’s affectionate nickname for him. Pete Bailey, who comes from Hackney, recalled, ‘Growing up on the market, I used to hear everyone speaking it. If you are told to deaf it, this means forget it, ignore it, don’t bother with it, walk away from it - it's similar to 'turning a deaf ear' to something. Bill is a reference to William Shakespeare, with his mother being Mary Arden of Stratford and the rainstorm usually approaching from the south-westerly direction (one of the main directions for incoming winds and storms to sweep into the UK from the Atlantic). Swear words were also “translated” so that they were not offensive to the casual passerby. 7. 1. Het gebied ligt ook tussen Wales in het westen en de Noordzee in het oosten.. De Midlands hebben ongeveer 10 miljoen inwoners. Children who don't get up in the morning might be accused of 'slummocking in bed all day. Clarting about is a local phrase for messing around. ', 2. 50.

Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong adopted it as the name for his Ibiza club night set and his nightly radio programme in the United States. Is it worth oat? Love this atricle. During the 2012 Olympics, an ATM on Commercial Street gave customers the language option of ‘Cockney rhyming slang’.

In fact, some terms won’t make sense in any other accent. East Midlands English is a dialect, including local and social variations spoken in most parts of East Midlands England.

‘Joanna’ means piano, relying on the ‘piannah’ pronunciation. Lincolnshire has long been an economically relatively homogeneous, less industrial more heavily agricultural county and is in part naturally separated by the River Trent divorcing its largest market town, Gainsborough, Torksey & the City of Lincoln from Nottinghamshire. The short list below is by no means exhaustive. Though spoken less commonly today, the dialect of the East Midlands has been investigated in texts such as the Ey Up Mi Duck[5] series of books (and an LP) by Richard Scollins and John Titford. A Birmingham brewery named a real ale Bhacker Ackhams after the infamous location. Cabbage (not sure what this was) and Banjo for a cab or taxi, I’ve yet to find an explanation ! Despite their travels, these phrases are undoubtedly heard most satisfyingly from the buoyant vocal box of a true, old-school, Cockney. This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 10:42. ‘Pie and liquor is the Cockney rhyming slang for vicar’, she smilingly told us as she ladled the legendary parsley sauce. Aris is short for Aristotle. The phrase 'go and play up your own end' is shouted at children who are being a nuisance in the street, telling them to go away and play outside their own homes instead.

They tried teaching me some when I was little and my mum was mortified! The farmer would not understand a word’. The phrase also describes someone who is left-handed. Oxford English Dictionary 2nd ed. Thieves and vagabonds could use this type of ‘cryptolect’, a secretive language, to keep their liaisons well kept from eavesdropping authorities. ', 48. In its simplest form, a common word (feet) is typically replaced by a rhyming phrase of two or three words (plates of meat). Coalville's name is still almost exclusive pronounced as "Co-ville" by its inhabitants. Basically if you invent a “new” slang term, the other person has to understand what it means, and I am guessing that a lot started life in a sentence where they made sense at the time. People who watched them sometimes remarked that they could "swim like ducks", an observation. A face as long as Livery Street means someone looks miserable. My sister had go at it and tried to teach me, but I never had the patience!’. 42. The Wrekin, a well-known hill that has found its way into a Midlands expression, Fittle means food and this Christmas dinner might well be described as 'bostin' fittle', with bostin' the local word for amazing or brilliant, A piece means a slice of bread and butter, Soft drinks are called pop in Birmingham and the Black Country. A sense of pride and nostalgia transpired from our Facebook call out about Cockney rhyming slang memories, particularly from the children that can remember their parents and grandparents using it. An all time favourite, first recorded in the 1850s, has to be ‘Barnet (fair)’, relating to one’s hair. The romantic novelist and East Midlander D. H. Lawrence was from the Nottinghamshire town of Eastwood and wrote in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Coalfield dialects in several poems as well as in his more famous works such as Lady Chatterley's Lover and Sons and Lovers.[4]. It can also refer to lolling around while sitting or lying down. Finally, and I could be wrong here, but think about bottle and glass and “lost your bottle” which is also called a bottlejob might have come from the “glass” part in the sense of a squeeky b*m? A piece is a local word for a slice of bread and butter, and sometimes also for a sandwich. Despite being less popular today, its old prevalence can still be heard, or seen, on our local streets. Billo, meaning wathch out the authorities are about. I’m trying to keep the Cockney language alive by teaching my godchildren.’.

From old cockney classics, like ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’, to the lyrics of The Kinks and The Streets, you may have heard some rhyming slang sing from your record player or through your speakers. Cambridgeshire), and south of another separating it from Northern English dialects (e.g. 24. Our. ), Reflexive pronouns are characterised by the replacement of "self" with sen (from Middle English seluen), Example: We sh'll ay to do it ussens. Minor variations still endure between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. 'Give us your donnie' is what a parent might say to a child, meaning 'Hold my hand.'.

For example, the East Midlands verb to scraight ('to cry') is thought to be derived from the Norse, skrike in modern Scandinavian, also meaning to cry.[2]. You will be able to discover the terms words and phrases that make up a unique playground culture. Now it’s just a rare thing. I read these articles with some worry that people will take them as the full truth. The East Midlands dialect was a mixture of English and Scandinavian, with a smattering of French. Birmingham and the Black Country are known for their local sayings - which ones have you heard of? The city of Derby, as well as boroughs in the vicinity of the city such as Amber Valley and Erewash share a common Derby dialect, which sounds largely similar to other East Midlands dialects such as Nottingham and Leicester. Going round the Wrekin is a popular local phrase in the Midlands. East Midlands Oral History Archive Web maintainer This document has been approved by the head of department or section. 12. If you hear someone say 'This ain’t gettin the babby a frock and pinny' it means 'this is getting us nowhere, we’re wasting time'. I found this very interesting. To withdraw a bit of ’sausage and mash’ (cash), you were first asked to enter your ‘Huckleberry Finn’ (pin). De Midlands (in het Engels ook wel English Midlands genoemd, "het Engelse middenland") is een traditionele regio van Engeland.Zoals de naam al aanduidt, omvatten de Midlands het centrale deel van Engeland. 3. A man -who is said to be aged between 45 and 50 - was hit by a car in Maypole. 26. Barmy means mad or insane as in 'He was driving me barmy.'.

', 19. A cob is the local word for a bread roll, supposedly because the small round loaves look like street cobbles. It generally includes areas east of Watling Street (which separates it from West Midlands English), north of an isogloss separating it from variants of Southern English (e.g.

Your email address will not be published. As for “apples and pears” the idea of using two words to describe one word is not quite true, the second word “apples” was used alone, and you had to know to add pears to get the rhyme, other than that apples on its own meant nothing. The Eastern English Midlands were incorporated in the Norse-controlled Danelaw in the late 9th century by Ivar the Boneless. Oxfordshire) and the East Anglian English (e.g.

8. It generally includes areas east of Watling Street[n 1] (which separates it from West Midlands English), north of an isogloss separating it from variants of Southern English (e.g. If someone is accused of being cack-handed or caggy-handed, they are usually doing something in a clumsy or fumbling way. Roman Road LDN is a neighbourhood magazine celebrating the best of local life in the Roman Road area of Bow, Mile End and Globe Town in East London. In the 20th century, celebrity names began to influence these linguistic inventions. A pound at a time, we believe we can get there. Oil tot is a phrase for when someone feels satisfied and happy as in "I’m in my oil tot." 6. 20. 25. The West Midlands has an extensive canal network and Birmingham is said to have more miles of canal than Venice.

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