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Designer. Responding to comments and messages from potential buyers is crucial. you will have to decide what is the true market rate of what you want to sell When you sell an item, Depop will charge you a 10% fee on the total amount of your listing, which includes shipping costs. Depop is my side hustle so it has to work for me in the time I give to it. One SO let’s dive in right now on how you can sell on Depop to make good MONEY! I do feel that since they changed their “hashtag” limit to “5 hashtags” that I feel that my sales have dropped. For example, I was selling this jacket and I kept getting offers beneath its value. I decided to sell less items at the value or perceived value of the item and I will tell you why shortly! Depop has some negative online articles and forums with concerns about scams. However, This it for. Grazia Squassabia . As such, it is important that you understand you maybe starting from a negative position on the buyers scale. As such, I made it clear my price was firm. Remember, For my fellow Poshmarkers bumping is the same concept as “sharing.” Remember users will only scroll through so much listings, think scroll fatigue. Then once you take care of the basics of good selling you can see success. Find it on Depop. the following about Depop. Make sure you stay in touch with your buyer or seller until the item is received. -        PayPal fee of 3.4% + £0.20 in the UK and 2.9% +$0.30 in the USA. are final sale shops and/or may let an exchange occur but it is seldom that you In actuality, I just needed the messages to STOP. 12 BEST Depop Photo Tips To Increase your Sales [EXAMPLES]! I will be totally honest I never do this, but I noticed that shops will a high review count typically do this. Any used clothing item made available for sale in breach our, Professional or personal services such as for example financial or marketing advice, building or labour services, Artefacts, antiques and items with historical or artistic value that are protected under national laws or regulations, Any item taken without the authorization from private individuals, companies or governments, Mobile phones and related tech accessories, Digital audio players and related products, Games consoles, controllers and related accessories, Computers, laptops, tablets, E-readers and related accessories, Smartwatches and fitness watches or fitness trackers, Cosmetic electronics such as hair stylers, clippers and trimmers, Home & lifestyle electronics such as lighting, virtual assistants and appliances, Televisions, DVD players and related products, Cameras, video cameras and related accessories including film & lenses, Mobile phone & laptop cases, covers, folios and holders, Digital & analog wrist watches such as Casio, Swatch and Timex, Users are not allowed to sell any current lottery, football, transport service, event or show ticket, Expired lottery tickets as a collector item, Collector tickets of performances that have already occurred, Tickets sold by an authorised promoter, show organizer or business operator, All tobacco products and accessories, including ashtrays & collectables, Herbal tobacco, nicotine-free cigarettes or tobacco-free cigarettes, Incenses, provided that the listing and the instructions do not mention, either implicitly or explicitly, that the item is related to drugs or to the consumption of illegal substances, Gift cards, store or merchandise credits and all items equivalent to cash, All products made available by digital sale or download, including games and game accounts, in-game currency, items, and characters. Sometimes I am “firm” on pricing on some of my Depop items. This is why “bumping” or “sharing” is so important. Also, while you are working on your success I would stay away from negative posts, don’t even put that into your mind. thanks so much great tips. Shipping prices are based on the size and weight of the item and how far it must travel. Depop is a quick and easy way to sell your old items. The majority of Depop shops Write accurate descriptions- no one wants a long-winded description, keep it short and concise.

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