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Daniel was the seventh Cylon model ("No Exit"). Since her debut in the mini-series, a leitmotif has been used in scenes featuring Tricia Helfer as Six. Dean Stockwell as Number One (Brother Cavil) Cavil first appeared as a member of the ministry …

Daniel may be named after, or a reference to. A chestplate based on the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica - it can be scaled and stretched to fit any wearer and is easily printable in upright position with regular nozzle diameters ...Edit it online In the episode "Six Degrees of Separation", a copy of Number Six in the fleet using the name "Shelly Godfrey" appears.

Head Six appears to be somehow related to Caprica Six, which is the Six model who seduced Baltar on the planet Caprica and encouraged him to give her access to the Colonial Defense mainframe. As her appearance coincided with the temporary disappearance of Head Six, it is often wondered (and indeed voiced by Baltar himself) whether she was a physical manifestation of Head Six posing in a dual identity. Ellen, in particular, seemed to consider Daniel her favorite "child". Users can easily model buildings, Number Seven was a Humanoid Cylon model series created by the Final Five. Once the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed, Gina kills her guard and begs Baltar to kill her. She constantly attempts to convince Baltar to believe in the Cylon god, and to accept his part in God's plan or will. Although two of the Number Eights have been individuated by different military callsigns, and the marriage of one of them, they began with the same alias, Sharon Valerii. While some of her advice appears to benefit humanity, for example, pointing out a Cylon device to Baltar on Galactica and helping him build a Cylon detector, it more often serves only Baltar's needs, and she expresses enjoyment over what she considers the inevitable extinction of the human race, constantly saying humanity is naturally violent and would have destroyed itself without the Cylons' intervention. Caprica subsequently disables and then kills Boomer who threatens to throttle Hera despite Athena's anguished pleas. Sixes and Eights are the Humanoid Cylon models shown most frequently. After settling on the basestar, Caprica Six becomes involved in a ménage à trois with Baltar and Biers and explicitly states she loves both of them.

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"[16], Among the other actresses who auditioned for the role were Melinda Clarke[2] and Leah Cairns, who went on to play Racetrack. The only purpose of Daniel was to explain the gap in the Cylon model numbers and serve as a "Cain and Abel" backstory with Daniel as Abel and Cavil as Cain. Gina manages to get her hands on a gun, but hesitates to shoot Cain, indicating that Gina's relationship with Cain was not an act. The 9/8 figure is divided unevenly into a group of 3 notes, followed by 3 groups of 2.

This leads the people of the fleet to conclude she was a Cylon agent trying to discredit Dr Baltar because of his Cylon detector research.

Her motivations are unclear. VOLKSWAGEN Golf 7 DVD ve Multimedya Sistemi > 8 inç dokunmatik TFT LCD 800x480 çözünürlük; Windows CE 6.0 özelliği In discussions of the final episode, Moore also calls this version Inner Six who, along with Inner Baltar, are "... messenger(s) of a higher power",[7] reinforcing the variations "Head Six", "Inner Six" and "Messenger Six" (or Head/Inner/Messenger Baltar) used by fans to describe these characters. The telemovie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan reveals that Godfrey is indeed an actual Six. The sevens went by the name "Daniel", given to them by Ellen. Later, on Earth, she and Baltar are visited one last time by Head Six and Head Baltar, who explain their destiny was to protect Hera and while God's plan is never over, their lives will be much less eventful.

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