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When the crankshaft bearings clearances have been checked and adjusted, the main caps and stud girdle can be installed and torqued down. Measure the basic dimensions of the chassis (Wheel bases, axle widths, axle centres and stagger) 5.

Even with just a sports exhaust back box, your car can sound like it means business and have a noticeable improvement in power.

We’re very pleased with the outcome of the turbocharger pipework! The engine has been freshly built with HKS connecting rods and pistons so has to be run in for a while before it can be tuned properly. Home Turbos And Superchargers Supercharger Kits Honda Supercharger Kits CR-Z Parts CR-Z Supercharger Kits Supercharger Kits for Honda CR-Z At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Honda CR-Z supercharger kits to ensure that you have every supercharger kit option available to you. In the case where both wheels are on the ground during zero axle load, such as during a transition to deceleration, the Wavetrac® device is able to prepare the drivetrain for when the zero torque condition stops, eliminating the delay seen with ordinary gear diffs. From outside the UK +44 1708 866 609, Freephone 0800 107 3260 The transmission is reassembled and she’s good to go! Free flowing exhausts get the gases out of the engine quicker, and help improve power and acceleration, especially at higher revs. Products: Car Made: Honda: Car Model: CRZ: Year Made: 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013: Speedworks Operation Hours: Monday - Friday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Saturday : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Sunday : Closed Public Holiday : Closed. We attempted to dispell the myths by authoring this document on the subject: What is a “Fast Road Geometry Set-up”? Motherwell Way, As long as the IMA unit is pushing, the petrol engine doesn’t have to work quite as hard, therefore reducing the engine effort and less effort means less fuel used. Here is the unit removed from the engine block. We’re using a blow off valve to dump the pressurised air on throttle closure. We settled on a custom built Garret GT turbine which features a ball bearing cartridge, with specific anti-surge ported shroud compressor housing, compressor wheel and turbine housing. Even a replacement element alone can add a couple of horses, and you never have to replace it, so they quickly pay for themselves. Here are more features that make Wavetrac® even better: The new Wavetrac® Differential brings current gear technology to the market. The Wavetrac® is the only differential that can automatically add more load internally when it’s required. Modification of the engine is not required up to 200HP.(For high load driving such as circuit driving, it is recommended to upgrade the engine parts with HKS products.)

Honda developed what they call their IMA system. The Wavetrac® truly is different – and its innovative features can make a real difference in your car’s performance. CCL No.766344. I'd like to thank Saku and KamiSpeed for all their help, I was skeptical at first but this was the best investment I could have made for the CR-Z. When the engine goes into it’s VTEC operation, both of the intake valves engage, turning the swirling effect into a barrel roll effect. If you are looking for other performance systems, check out the HKS GT Honda CR-Z Supercharger Kit.Part Included: Comes with all the mechanical parts needed100% Bolt-On (drilling 4 holes required)Rated for 200+ horsepowerOnly adds about 20 lbs after all said and done (about 35 lbs added and 15lbs removed)Made in Japan, Kit Type: Bolt-on Turbo KitTurbo Type: TD04H-15GIntercooler: Type 31EActuator: P380Intake: GreddyWeight: ~35 lbs with all hardwareEngine Code: LEA-MF6Chassis Code: ZF1 / ZF2Additional Requirements: ECU TuneNote: English Translations for the Instructions Avaiable. This speed differential causes the Wavetrac® device to step into action: Precisely engineered wave profiles are placed on one side gear and its mating preload hub. Conventionally, the normal method is either to use a lubricated fully floating bush for the piston pin to run in, or to heat the rod until the small end expands then easily push the pin in until the the rod cools down and grips the pin (known as an “interferance fit). They are available in 0.8mm and 1.2mm thicknesses. Returns will NOT be accepted on final sales, special orders, opened, installed, incomplete, or otherwise used products. Even a replacement element alone can add a couple of horses, and you never have to replace it, so they quickly pay for themselves. At or near zero axle-load, the axles (and therefore each side gear in the diff) start to turn at different speeds. The Wavetrac® is not just good on paper. Even once we have arrived at a known good FRS we still alter each FRS to best suit the needs and wants of the specific customer in question and every single car is test driven to make sure it is performing exactly as expected before being signed off and handed back to the owner.

Ditch the orange indicators for some clear or crystal clear indicators, fit some shiny angel eye headlamps, and some LED or Lexus style taillights and suddenly your car stands out from the crowd! Whether you want the quality of Momo, or the something shiney like Richbrook, DCPerformance have the lot and you wont find any of it cheaper!

Internally, its gear tooth forms are optimized for strength and improved oil film retention over competitive designs. At this point armed with all of this technical knowledge of the chassis plus the list of complaints and information gained during our own test drive we look at all of the evidence and search for potential causes of our problems 8. From organic to paddle clutches, we have them all. With modern ECU's you don't have to re-map or tune the engine, just bolt the kit on! The Greddy Turbo Kit by Trust Japan for the 2011-2016 Honda CR-Z was designed and engineered to perfectly complement the ZF1/ZF2 Chassis. We welded a stainless steel flange to the intake pipe.

Quite understandably, there seems to a fair amount of confusion over chassis dynamics in general and specifically about geometry optimisation which is often refered to as “FRS” being an acronym for Fast Road Setting. Just at the right time, Wavetrac announced that they had a limited slip differential available for the CR-Z so we immediately got one in. The P-X650 Ball Bearing turbo kit is the newly revised and upgraded version of our long time Pro Kit. As long as no ill effects of our modifications are found we then sign off the fast road set-up and offer it to the customers for feedback, only when both the customer and ourselves are happy with the set-up will we then offer the setup to other owners the same model of car. Complete Turbo Kit with Full Exhaust System, Intercooler, ECU, Injectors & a Tuned Map .

Well firstly the term doesn’t have one single meaning, it’s a term used normally by tuning companies to summarise a group of adjustments and/or upgrades that improve a cars characteristics for performance orientated driving but mostly it’s used to describe changes to a cars suspension system. where as the barrel roll pattern gives the best charge air mixing, which is great for detonation resistance at full throttle. All returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee minus complete shipping cost (roundtrip). Email: The HKS GT Supercharger, includes supercharger, brackets, piping, intercooler, traction oil and etc. The first task on the job list is to remove the engine. Once the sump is removed it comforting to find a robust main cap girdle to stop unwanted movement at high RPM! We like the length of the rods though as that offers a good rod length to stroke ratio which improves the rod angularity which makes the engine smoother and reduces the piston speed. If you are increasing your vehicles power, then you will inevitably put more stress on the clutch and transmission, which is when you require an uprated clutch. Performance exhausts are a great way to improve the power, and sound of your car! If you want to give your CR-Z a second life this is the way to go! After extensive exhaust port modifications, and lesser work on the intake ports, the cylinder head looked like this: Cylinder head after modifying the intake and exhaust ports, Back on the Superflow test bench we were able to record significant gains in flow volume and velocity on both the intake and exhaust ports, Modified cylinder head back on the flow bench again. Output of 157HP can be achieved with the stock I/J, and with the Fuel Upgrade kit and an engine control device, it can exceed 200HP. Whatever you need, we have it, and cheaper than the competition! We branded this design as “Katana”. We have a large range of options for improving your brakes. We use the HKS SSQV because it’s the most reliable on the market. Who decides the FRS geometry and how? Original Honda centre caps were specific to the OEM wheels, but with a little bit of clever thinking, The OEM logo was transferred onto the Rota centre cap with a carbon backing to finish it off.

First impressions count, and as soon as we met the CR-Z cylinder head exhaust port configuration we knew we had a challenge on our hands, as the turbocharger relies on drive pressure from the exhaust ports to move the turbine/compressor wheels. Turbocharger sizing and development is a core competancy of ours, so designing the specification of this turbocharger to match the objectives and airflow characteristics of the engine is a process that we relish. The actual flywheel bolts to the stator using the outer ring of threaded holes. For the enthusiast looking to improve the performance of their car it’s important to understand what’s on offer so that they can be sure that they are getting good value for money from the companies involved and also so that they can choose a service that is right for them personally. The swirling effect allows for lean mixtures to be used without misfires…. RM20 3XD. Today we’ve completed the geometry calibration and suspension set-up for our stage 3 FRS upgrade which incorprorated the HKS coil-over suspension kit.

D C Performance Ltd are regulated by the Finance Conduct Authority. The term fast road set-up is one which is frequently banded about amongst car enthusiasts but let’s look at what it actually means.

You can see in the below image that on the second cylinder, one intake port is partially open whilst the intake port next to it remains closed.

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