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While the pitch is still soft the of the front side of the brooch is hammered with a crowned planishing hammer to become a shallow dish (figure 10.40c). Get the Chasing and Repousse Digital Collection for all the same expert instruction! The handle is carved to fit comfortably in the hand, sanded smooth and given a coat of linseed oil to make it comfortable. We also offer an online orchid community which has emerged from this project. Chasing and repoussé are ancient techniques (possibly since 3000 B.C.!) In addition to the fact that there is no better way of teaching the plastic limits of metal, and not even mentioning the delightful effects that can be achieved, it is worth noting that time spent working in repoussé is particularly rewarding to the goldsmith. This allows the hammer to whiplash almost imperceptibly in the users hand, lending increased force to each blow. These techniques share several properties, among them the fact that they can be worked on tiny jewelry pieces or large architectural or sculptural work. That’s why you’ll find chasing punches available for sale as blanks to be modified to suit your needs. Add more lubricant or binder to give the pitch the consistency you need. When it seems you are approaching sufficient depth, or when the metal has work hardened enough to pull itself out of the pitch, remove the metal, dissolve excess pitch in kerosene, and anneal the work. products and services. today! This process is continued to make a decorative line or border. They produce a rounded bead and are most effective when used repeatedly in close proximity to create an overall pattern. It consists of three principle ingredients or categories of ingredients. You’d use pointed chasing tools (punches) and a chasing hammer (yes, that’s where that name comes from!) These ingredients are blended in a discardable pot at a low heat and stirred with a stick until well blended. So chasing and repoussé means you’d hammer a general design onto the back of a piece of metal. that are still done basically the same way they were done back then. In Chasing Made Easy: Form a Perfect Metal Leaf, see how Janice forms a textured, three-dimensional leaf out of 24-gauge copper. Plus you’ll gain an understanding about how metal moves and works that you can apply to your other projects. The piece is returned to the pitch, this time right side up. Metal is placed in a pitch pot or pitch bowl (pitch is usually hard clay, wax, or resin) that supports the metal while it’s hammered upon (but not always–more on that below). In these cases the work cannot be attached to the surface so it is helpful to have an assistant standing by to hold the metal as work proceeds. The little box is filled with pitch, care being taken that there are no voids or air bubbles and the piece is allowed to cool. Tools called punches are used in both repoussé and chasing, with a few of the tools being used in both techniques. The pot sits on a leather pad or rubber wagon tire in such a way that it can be tilted in any direction during work. This allows the tool to be kept vertical even when the angle of impact on the metal is at a slope. Another effective means is to strike the soft tool blank hard on an old file – the steel will pick up an impression of the file. The results will be frustration and fatigue! These punches (figure 10.36f) are always highly polished and generally have a straight wall in order to reach neatly into the area where a raised section joins the floor or base of the relief. It’s worth the effort! premium online videos. Be careful that you do not heat the pitch to the point where it smokes or bubbles. Repoussé was probably developed not simply as a decorative technique but because a contoured or corrugated form is considerably stronger than a flat one. Pitch is typically heated to soften it for repoussé work and allowed to harden to support more detailed chasing work. Do not anneal the metal at this stage. Two of our family of expert jewelry artists, Kim St. Jean and Janice Berkebile, created videos on chasing and repoussé. It is also possible to saw the modeled section out of the sheet, in which case the edges are hammered over slightly and filed smooth. Alternately, you can use those chasing punches (metal stylus-type tools with myriad tips) to “draw” your design onto the metal. Privacy Policy Narrow tools are needed in cases when working on a small design. Chasing has a long history of use in conjunction with cast forms, where steel punches were used to refine the form of a cast object. The top view of planishing punches would reveal them as square, rectangular, round, triangular and so on; again with the idea of reaching cleanly into the nooks that surround the relief image. The proper length of a tool is a personal matter, but it can be said that if they are so small they are lost in one’s hand they are difficult to hammer with confidence. Chasing and repoussé is a time-consuming technique that involves many steps and quite a bit of repetition, making it a true artisan craft that is becoming more and more rare. It is held over the pitch bowl and warmed just enough to allow the pitch left in the box to drip back onto the bowl. You can get both of these metalsmithing video tutorials in our Chasing and Repousse Bundle, which also includes the best-of-the-best Fretz chasing hammer, an issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist with a chasing bracelet tutorial from Bill Fretz and an in-depth look at chasing and repoussé tools, and five bonus chasing and repoussé metalsmithing project tutorials from experts like Roger Halas, Tom and Kay Benham, and Linda Ricci–all at a very special value. Plus it’s incredibly fun and rewarding! Home » Learning Center » Jewelry Making » Fabrication » Chasing and Repousse » Goldsmithing: Repoussé and Chasing. Chasing and repousse is carried out on various surfaces using steel punches to strike and manipulate sheet metal or cast objects. The piece is removed, cleaned and set back into the pitch, this time right side up. High karat gold, fine silver and copper respond very well, while pale brass, nickel silver and steel require greater effort. Along with gem cutting, chasing and repoussé are at the top of my “techniques-to-learn” wish list. It is a thrill every student is invited to share! From here the steps are as follows: The two plates shown in figures 10.42 and 10.43 illustrate the kind of lively reliefs that can be made through the simple steps of lining, modeling and setting down. The shank of the tool is left annealed, which reduces shock to the holding hand. Wide tools are preferred for making long straight lines because they tend to stay straight. Set the piece back into the pitch upside down, pulling the warm pitch over the edges of the metal here and there to lock it into place. This method guarantees that the sheet of metal is fully supported by pitch. Our 20 year old orchid community is home to over 40,000 discussion threads! Though chasing and repoussé are most often used together, it is possible to have either one without the other. Then the chasing work begins to outline and define the areas raised during repoussé.

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