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Remove the protective paper from the sticky side of your SunPass decal. Can Mini SunPass be placed on the rear windows of the vehicle rather than the front window . You may have to register before you can … I had one of the original ones, and it broke a couple months back and I had to get one of those sticker things, I found no, they dont work unless you actually stick them to the windshield. In a previous thread MBL said that she forgot her windshield sticker and she was ok because the system gets your info from your license plate. Sticker Shield is a versatile product! After your trip you can request a refund for all but the cost of the Sunpass. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. And anyway suggestions are … I took an old credit card and cut a hole in the center about 1/2 inch square which allows the sensor - in the Sunpass Mini - (which is about the size of a pea) to "see" out.

I know once you remove it from the windshield it is no longer good. Apr 24, 2005 #2 WTF is a sunpass? This made it possible to "stick" the pass on the windshield of the rental and remove it without damaging it. Lay the Sticker Shield on a clean flat surface with the protective paper side up.

I just returned from my trip to (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Apr 24, 2005 #3 Originally posted by: DaTT … It'll work if you hold it up. And I did, in fact, move it to another vehicle for a while. Rub Sticker Shield film firmly on to your windshield to make it smooth and remove any air bubbles. We sometimes rent cars. My windows are Tinted , would Tinted windows defeat the Mini SunPass , Could the Mini be placed on a small piece of glass and placed against the front window , Im about to stick the Mini to a Beer Bottle and place it on the dash.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about these options before we ordered the $20 suction cup one. However, the exact change and manned booths are on the side - watch for the lanes that split off to the right, and take them. First Trip to Keys in January - SO EXCITED!!! SunPass Mini(adhesive windshield sticker) If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Grand Key Resort - Key West, Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. check out the. I'm sure it will work if you just hold it up, the toll booths are built to scan a variety of transponders in a variety of positions. Embassy Suites by Hilton Destin - Miramar Beach, Holiday Inn Express Destin E - Commons Mall Area. I wonder if it would work just as well if it is simply hung from the rear view mirror - so there's no need to cut holes in the name tag holder. SunPass Mini(adhesive windshield sticker) Here's the deal: $4.99 at your local grocery store, as thin as a credit card and must be applied to your windshield. Now you can easily remove and adjust your SunPass to ensure proper signal reception, to ensure it does not block your field of view and to remove it from the vehicle completely when you sell your vehicle or just want to protect your SunPass from theft. Whilst glass is considered an insulator, it does have electrical properties which mean it acts as an antenna for the mini. There used to be a few options, but now there are just the sticker and the hard plastic transponder, as you clearly found. Save. I wonder. I'm planning two trips to Florida over the next year, and so I got a Sunpass mini transponder. Sunpass Mounted to Windshield (Normal Location) Pic Sunpass Mounted behind Black Dots Pic Obviously i think it looks best behind the black dots on my windshield, but think its ok to stick velcro up there?

Not! Wanted to post to let everyone know how we used the mini-Sunpass with our (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? 7.

Follow these simple instructions to facilitate easy repositioning and removal of your SunPass or other sticker type transponder.

Because I wasn't sure about the placement, I only peeled the corners of it to stick it to my windshield (so that I'd be able to remove it easily) and it works fine for me.

Don't know if that happens all the time, or if I was lucky. There's a whole load of material about this on the web under RFID and glass. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

Sorry. Protect Your Vehicle's Integrated Window Defroster Strips and Window Tint from Sticker Adhesive. It adheres to the inside of your windshield and is meant for one vehicle only (not motorcycles). If you don't, you are continuing through the transponder lines (you do not slow down for these). It has a small piece of metal in the middle of the sticker. Use your Mini for easy toll payment and SunPass Plus Parking. Where should we stop to eat and what should we see on the drive to Key West? SunPass Mini(adhesive windshield sticker), just a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck, If this is your first visit, be sure to

This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Though the smaller windshield of a bike may hinder its effectiveness. Why could you not just tape the sunpass mini to the windshiled without the credit card? Why could you not just tape the sunpass mini to the windshiled without the credit card? Lay SunPass on top of Sticker Shield and mark the area to be trimmed out (about 1/8 inch around the SunPass sticker).

Crab Island - safety - current - boats - etc. Do the toll booths on 528 still accept money? Mar 30, 2001 16,641 57 91.

Additionally, antennas have to be created to a specific length for the wavelength they are receiving/transmitting.

If it doesn't work, they can run my tag and see that I have a valid account and what-not. SunPass Mini, unlike its predecessor, must be mounted on the glass windshield of the vehicle to work properly and, once applied, generally cannot be removed from a windshield without destroying the pass unless a delicate process making use of heat from a blow-dryer or the sun is used to loosen the adhesive before carefully removing the sticker and reapplying it to a different windshield, after which the … The SunPass Mini transponder is our most affordable option at $4.99. I'm not too comfortable leaving a, what could be, removable sticker on my bike windshield because anyone can take it. We'll be back in FL in June and will use it again.

Level Contributor . When you are ready to apply SunPass to your windshield, remove the protective paper from Sticker Shield revealing the sticky side of the film.

ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-37104955', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Ft Lauderdale on business. They also have a sunpass transmitter that looks like a small, rectangular cube that sticks to the windshield with suction cups. I just want to make sure wrapping it in saran wrap won't block the signal being picked up. If the areas you are traveling have actual toll booths (many don't and use the transponder or charge your plate), just pay the cash. Lay Sticker Shield so the glossy film side is facing up and the protective paper side down on your clean work surface.

Website gives instructions for removal of sticky backing from windshield (scrape and then use alcohol) - but I am not sure I would even bother after peeling it off. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-73121016', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Orlando. The instructions say that it must be affixed to the windshield by removing the backing and sticking the Sunpass directly on the glass. STICKER TYPE TOLL TRANSPONDER APPLICATION VIDEO AND WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS.

2,005 posts. Get answers to your questions about Destin, What do the Beach Flags mean and what are the rules for beaching it.
Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Fodor's may use your email address to send you relevant information on site updates, account changes, and offers. Live Trip Report...60th Birthday Celebration! sticking it on a piece of plastic or even scotch-taping it to the windshield so that it can be removed), I believe that would work. In theory the mini should be stuck in the windshield, and Sunpass advise it may not work if it isn't. Why is Allegiant not flying into Destin now? I only needed it on the way down and on the drive back up. My windows are Tinted , would Tinted windows defeat the Mini SunPass , Could the Mini be placed on a small piece of glass and placed against the front window , Im about to stick the Mini to a Beer Bottle and place it on the dash. There's a whole load of material about this on the web under RFID and glass. Having checked the SunPass website, I see that the only other transponder option besides the sticker is a $20 one--which would only make sense if you plan to return to FL often.

Cookie Policy - I put the original back over the sticker cutouts each time it fell off the windshield and put it in the glove compartment.

Palm Harbor HS Graduation Held Outdoors!What a Great Idea! But the windshields on cars are glass and the windshields on bikes are plastic..not sure if they would work the same???? Well, it doesn't specifically say "will not work with motorcycles" so I think it will be ok. Visit for more information. Advertising - my bike tag is registered and it gets charged just as if I forgot the sunpass in the car.

Click here to learn more or control your settings. Destination Expert. I ordered the mini-sunpass a couple months ago and had it mailed to my home. Hi, twina49, sorry, I gave bad advice. I could save it if needed, but at least I dont have to scrape it off the windshield.

I read about the Sunpass sticker being able to use on multiple (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? The sticker is $5 vs $20 for the one with suction cups.

Why should the authorities have any sympathy for people who refuse to follow directions? This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Lay your SunPass sticky side down on to the smooth, glossy Sticker Shield film.

Here is a map of the toll roads in Orlando: If it's not your car don;t adhere it to the windshield at all - keep in the glove compartment and just hold it up to the windshield when you go through the toll gate. Mik-barb. Let us know which option you decided on. You're done! Rub Sticker Shield film firmly on to your windshield to make it smooth and remove any air bubbles. After activating the rental car plate number on the sun pass website, I removed the original cover from the back of the name tag cover containing the mini. The other idea would be to buy a new sticker and re-register for the same account (keeping the money), seems still cheaper than paying the rental company.

Many SunPass customers utilize the SunPass Mini, even though it no longer works after it is removed from their vehicle’s windshield. Archive - Nicest private charter boat for a wow factor? The SunPass mini is just a sticker - and according to their website it peels off easily and is inactivated upon removal. InterContinental (IHG) Hotels in Key West, Hotels near The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Hotels near Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Hotels near Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, Hotels near Harry S. Truman Little White House, Hotels near Key West Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters Museum, Hotels near Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum. In fact, it fell off the windowshield overnight on the two days we used it.

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