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U.S. Geological Survey For details. Another gap in the rock record exists between Late Silurian and Late Devonian time. Caballo Reservoir is on the Rio Grande in south-central New Mexico east of Interstate 25 between Socorro and Las Cruces (Figure 1). Wilks, M.E., compiler, 2005, New Mexico Geologic Highway Map: New Mexico Geological Society and New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, scale1:1,000,000. URL: Verizon has a strong signal here and so does the 3G aspect. Burrows and brachiopod, trilobite, and echinoderm fragments are common in this unit. Learn more window zoom in, Tap Into Campground Reviews via iOS or Android. An acre-foot is equivalent to 325,829 gallons. The unit grades up into the carbonates of the overlying Mississippian Lake Valley Formation. Bluewater Lake: Ryatt Turner, age 6, of Bluewater Village caught a 16-inch rainbow trout using green glitter PowerBait Oct. 18. Caballo Lake State Park is the third largest state park in New Mexico. Early to Middle Paleozoic sandstone, limestone, and dolomite deposited in transgressing and regressing shallow, equatorial seas rest on an erosion surface cut on the Proterozoic rocks. RIO GRANDE FLOW / RESERVOIR CONDITIONS : The Rio Grande Flow Conditions are updated daily, Monday thru Friday at : approximately 9:35 am Mountain Time/10:35 am Central Time. A little more awareness will help you focus on the fun during our lower water levels.. Take it slow and easy during the first outing.. note observed hazards and mark them on your map. Title: USGS Current Conditions for New Mexico The margin of the ocean returned late in Permian time and moved back and forth across the area, depositing limestone, dolomite, gypsum, and sandstone. Park Elevation 4,447 ft. The carbonates in the upper part of the unit have been interpreted to be hot spring deposits (Chafetz et al.,1991). The uppermost carbonates in the unit were deposited in shallow water, perhaps in a lagoonal or tidal setting (Pope, 2002). Following Laramide deformation, regional latest Eocene to Oligocene (36 to 27 million years ago) volcanism from the Mogollon-Datil volcanic field and other volcanic centers blanketed large portions of southern New Mexico with layers of ash-flow tuff and basalt flows. Access to the lake is via the boat ramp road and the lake level is very low. Lake Meredith is governed by the Canadian River Compact. No deposition occurred in the Caballo Mountain region during most of Mesozoic time because southwestern New Mexico, including the area of interest, was on the northeastern flank of a west-northwest-trending rift that was active into Middle Cretaceous time. The Abo Formation grades up into the orange windblown sheet sandstone of the Mesa Blanca Member of the Permian Yeso Formation . The boating and weekend crowd on a Friday in August is missing in action. Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page! The basal part of the Palm Park Formation is a poorly-sorted conglomerate with clasts of Paleozoic sedimentary, Proterozoic basement, and intermediate composition porphyritic volcanic rocks in a tuffacous muddy matrix. Rocks older than early Mississippian in age (>340 million years old) in the Caballo Mountains were tilted toward the southeast and eroded prior to deposition of early Pennsylvanian sediments about 312 million years ago. Page Last Modified: 2020-11-03 18:56:21 EST Caballo Lake State Park is in the Rio Grande rift, a northerly-trending continental rift that extends from northern Colorado to northern Mexico (Figure 3). The latest Cretaceous McRae Formation is an interesting unit that records sedimentation associated with Late Cretaceous arc volcanism and the earliest phases of Laramide deformation. Horizontal Datum: These rocks originally were volcanic rocks, sandstone, and shale deposited in an extensional basin about 1.65 to 1.60 billion years ago. Towards the end of Lake Valley sedimentation, the Lake Valley Formation was deposited in shallower water, signaling both a drop in sea level and tectonic tilting of the early Mississippian and older rocks toward the southeast. We are continuing to monitor the situation for any further issues. Burrows, as well as fragments of trilobites, echinoderms, gastropods, cephalopods, sponges, and Nuia (algae), are frequently found in the limestone (Clemons, 1984, 1991). Mountain ranges that formed during northeast-directed compressional Laramide deformation in Eocene time in southern New Mexico trend to the northwest and verge toward the northeast. Chapin, C.E. Several of the tuffs in the Bell Top Formation and the volcaniclastic sediments and tephras of the Thurman Formation originated from calderas in the Mogollon-Datil volcanic field to the west and northwest of the mountains (McIntosh et al., 1992). The Dakota Sandstone contains sandstone, shale, and conglomerate. Starting about 36 million years ago and continuing until ~27 million year ago, the rhyolitic tuffs, basalt flows, and volcaniclastic sandstone of the Bell Top Formation, Uvas Basaltic Andesite, and Thurman Formation where deposited in the southern Caballo Mountains. Caballo Lake State Park, Truth or Consequences: Address, Caballo Lake State Park Reviews: 4/5. The main phases of faulting include (1) latest Eocene to late Oligocene minor faulting coincident with extensive volcanism, (2) late Oligocene to late Miocene rapid extension with minor volcanism, and (3) latest Miocene to early Pliocene continued faulting and volcanism, with each phase disrupting earlier rift basins, and in some cases, reversing the dip of the early rift half-grabens (Figure 12). Caballo, NM 87931 Mack et al. A rich record of four episodes of mountain building, five major cycles of the rise and fall of warm tropical seas, and the remnants of distant volcanic eruptions is found in this remarkable place. The metamorphic rocks were later intruded by 1.4(?) The remainder of the Montoya Formation consists of fossiliferous cherty dolomite and dolomite, indicating a rise in sea level following deposition of the Cable Canyon sandstone.

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