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I can’t see my self ever using another mid range disc. The Buzzz is more consistent (at least mine is), but it always fades left while the Mako3 runs straighter. The ESP plastic is tough with better grip than the Z line plastic. Plus it’s beadless; it feels like a Buzzz in your hand, lending a familiar confidence that comes with the Buzzz family of discs. Mako3 is nice when you want to power down but still go straight.

They’re different discs. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates.

I think that is me still learning, though. Both discs are similar to the models that came before them, so if you are already partial to one of these brands, you will likely enjoy these most recent models as well.

I bagged and liked both Comets and Mako 3s and used them for slightly different shots. Buzzz can help to cover mistakes in form; Mako3 shows you exactly how you're throwing. A buzz is gonna have a little more roll to it, more turn early in the flight and more finish.

Feels great, exactly like my Buzzz, no difference.

After our tests, we can easily say the Buzzz OS accomplishes all of those features. I also bag a Buzzz, but prefer the Mako3 for most shots. GStar is a bit more understable, and a G* Mako3 drifts right like you said the Comet does. A higher similarity would be between a star mako3 and esp buzzz SS. We typically recommend Rocs for all players based on their ease of use combined with the high percentage of professional players who carry them , but in this poll, the top recommendation by today’s players for beginners was definitely the Buzzz.

How would a Mako3 compare to this?

Discraft is newer to the 4 number flight system and I think the Buzzz is one of their discs that is not quite accurate. Now it's slightly understable with tons of glide and just enough fade to flatten out at the end of big annys and not cut roll. Browse Courses • Browse Map • Course Feed • Add a Course • Top Courses • Random Course. The Z plastic is the most durable and lasts 2-3 times longer than the other plastics; it also allows for a truer flight. That said, being able to shape it more might make it more suitable for other gap.

You can throw a Buzzz MUCH harder and have it keep the same line. You can view the Discraft Buzzz SS and the Innova Mako3 on Amazon for more information about how these discs might work for you. The more hyzer you give the Buzzz OS the stronger the fade will be.

A great disc though. It’s a nice combination of speed and glide that many have come to love. Leading disc golf website bringing you the latest news, reviews, interviews, PDGA tournament coverage, videos, and more. I hear and read a lot about the Buzzz discs and the Mako3’s. Banned : Join Date: … It also turns right into a headwind.

Buzzz is a little more stable, I wouldn't bag both personally. Meresmaa brings A-Team for 2016 USDGC media, focuses on ‘quality and reach’, Disc Golf Pro Tour exceeds expectations for Nate Doss, Ulibarri just misses bye, ends Pro Tour in semifinals. Mako3 might feel a bit like a buzz, but it flies like a Comet. When it was first announced, many figured the disc they were describing was the Wasp. Not really, mako3 has more turn, less fade.

If you practice with the Mako3 it will teach you how to throw different types of shots. Not great in the wind.

If I end up hard right on a fairway and need a lay-up or pitch-out turnover I throw the mako3, HARD, and it always pulls right just enough to give me some forward distance out of the crap.

They tend to wait until they have the right flight and right characteristics they were looking for and then the pull the trigger. The rest of the ratings for these two discs differ. More fade than any Wasp I have ever had. My star mako 3 flew out of the box like a slightly broken in buzz. Like we said, when you hear of an overstable midrange, you want it to resist turn and fly very stable at high speeds. Always consult a medical professional before attempting any new sport or activity. This disc is very overstable for any midrange. As others have said it takes a bit of work to get a line drive shot but certainly possible. After last year’s release of the popular Crank, and now the Buzzz OS, Discraft’s model of these limited releases appears to be working. It is not intended to be professional advice. Is it any more resilient to a headwind? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you’re a Buzzz thrower, you’ve likely found yourself standing on the teepad holding a Buzzz in your hand only to be facing a headwind. View the Discraft Buzzz Titanium Golf Disc at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for your game.

Thanks for the comment! Flight is always true to the left. If you’ve always liked the feel of the Buzzz, it will be extremely easy to warm up to the Buzzz OS. The Buzzz OS does exactly that, but it isn’t overwhelming. I’ve found that the Mako3 is straighter on a gentle throw and slightly understable on a power throw, while the Buzzz is reliably stable even if I crank it.

If I actually release it straight, I’ll get a little full flight action.

That would be interesting; not necessarily good, but interesting.

However, I still don't trust it completely into a brisk headwind. Some discs like the Discraft Drone, Innova Gator, or even the Hornet for that matter, will have a slightly stronger fade. It will hold whatever angle you throw it in. Luster vs. Champion Plastic: Which is best for disc golf. This fade was very similar to the Wasp or an Innova Roc.

You know the Buzzz is typically the right disc to throw here, but it won’t be stable enough due to the wind.

I use it more off the tee. If you’ve ever wanted an overstable Buzzz from Discraft and didn’t think the Wasp or Hornet filled what you were looking for, the Buzzz OS is, without a doubt, the answer.

Anyone out there with similar experience. The buzz, being -1/1, helps with this fault.

The only physical difference is that the Mako3 has a slightly flatter profile. Having a higher glide rating is also good for players that have a little less force behind their throw because the disc will be able to go further on its own without you needing to put the extra force behind it.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But, because it’s 0/0, it holds any angle you put on it, so it can be unforgiving if you throw it on an unintended angle. Don’t worry about it knocking a Drone out of your bag. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.10Copyright ©2000 - 2020, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. My Buzzz flies very straight with little or no fade at the end of its flight.

This. Flies true, straight, and predictable. GStar is similar to Star but adds flexibility and more grip, which is ideal for those who have less grip strength. In the end I decided to keep only the Comet. By giving it some help on release, it would fly on this tight little sweeping shot. It'll take a long time, but that Champ. The closest disc i can compare it to is Prodigy M1. Does exactly what you make it do. You want a lot of stability at high speeds and a lot of resistance to turn. When something is so popular it can be hard to make changes to it and produce an equally as loved disc.

A Buzzz just wants to keep the angle it came out of your hand on.

I usually bag a pure neutral mid (mako3), a wandering neutral mid (buzzz), a very overstable mid (MD4), and a very understable mid (stratus).

How would a Mako3 compare to this? I dropped my Buzzz for the Mako3.

Those who enjoyed the Innova Mako will find that the Mako3 has a very similar feel but is slightly faster than the original.

Home; Courses . As for the Mako or Mako3, I am not sure how this works.

If that bead never agreed with you, have no worry when it comes to the Buzzz OS.

It can hold a gentle hyzer / line, flat will stay flat and straight, and will hold a long anhyzer \ line.
Even though this is a brand new disc, we won’t be surprised to see this in many disc golf bags, especially if you’re a Discraft lover. Should I get a Buzzz SS, or a beat Pro D Buzzz for understable? We can agree with much of what Discraft has said about the Buzzz OS. Overall, the Mako3 would be a better choice if you are looking to get a little more distance and a straighter flight path from your throw, but the characteristics of these two discs are so similar that you really can’t go wrong with either one.

I used the Mako more for straight approach shots as I seemed to turn them over off the tee more then the Comets. View the Discraft Buzzz Titanium Golf Disc at Amazon. When we gave the Buzzz OS a little hyzer it would hold that angle for the entire flight.

Flies straight and fades straight. The Mako3 is one of my favorite discs. Which one do you prefer? If you practice with the Mako3 it will teach you how to throw different types of shots. That said, it is also a little more forgiving than the mako3 if you put put it on a slight off-angle. The Mako3 I use for scrambles mostly. Considering the Z-Line Buzz has more recorded Aces than any other disc, we were not at all surprised by the outcome. Thanks for all the advice guys. Buzzz will be more stable, especially in Z/Ti/FLX plastic. Buzzz and EMac feel a lot better to me. It doesn’t drop out of the sky, but it won’t glide out too much on you either.

When we gave the Buzzz OS a little hyzer it would hold that angle for the entire flight.

Buzzz vs. Mako3 .

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