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[5] The folding trigger version was produced in greater number. [3] It remained the principle handgun of the Italian Army until it was increasingly supplanted by the Glisenti Model 1910. [3] Because the revolver was made by a wide variety of manufacturers, the quality of the weapon varied greatly with frames being made from a wide variety of materials ranging from brass to brazed copper plates. When the trigger is folded up, the trigger is released by pulling the hammer. [7] The gate was connected to the hammer[4] and the barrel was screwed into the frame. 1.98 pounds (0.90 kilograms) [4], The Bodeo was considered simple and robust. It was employed by the Royal Italian Army in World War I, the Interwar Italian colonial wars, and World War II. Country of origin Production information Regia Fabbrica d’Armi di BresciaGlisentiToschi-CastelliMIDABernardelliMetallurgica Bresciana già Tempini A few versions of the revolver exist, with two major ones: the "Enlisted" or "Trooper" type (Italian: da truppa, also known as "Type A", tipo A) and the "Officer" type (Italian: da ufficiali, also known as "Type B", tipo B). Empire of Italy [3] The octagonal-barreled revolver was produced for rank and file Italian soldiers while the round-barreled was produced for non-commissioned officers and field officers. [3] Ejection was achieved by the rod normally housed in the hollow axis pin. The ejection rod is normally housed in the hollow axis pin, underneath the barrel. A round-barreled version designed with a trigger guard and octagonal-barreled version with a folding trigger. The Bodeo 1889 is a gate-loading revolver featured in Battlefield 1 and is one of the three side arms issued to the Scout class alongside the Mars Automatic and Frommer Stop, filling as the Revolver class of the pistols. Number built 3.94–6.3 inches (10.0–16.0 centimetres) The Tipo A (lit. A third variant similar to the Tipo B also existed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tipo A [1] The frame was made of a variety of materials from brass to brazed copper. As a safety measure, the loading gate is connected to the hammer, and opening the loading gate disconnects the hammer, and pulling the trigger after that will only turn the cylinder.[1]. To use the rod, the rod is rotated out counterclockwise and lines up with the loading gate. Type A) model has an octagonal barrel, lacks a trigger guard, and has a folding trigger. "lightened") has a slightly shortened barrel; in all other aspects it is identical to the Tipo B model. [3] The hammer block was designed to prevent firing unless the trigger was pulled fully back. Carlo Bodeo [2] The pistol was supposed to be replaced with the Glisenti Model 1910; however, reliability issues with the Glisenti prevented it from completely replacing the Bodeos in service, causing the Italian Army to slowly pull their Bodeos back into service again. Approx. Pistola a Rotazione, Systema Bodeo, Modello 1889 1889 Barrel length lamb's leg). Muzzle velocity

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