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Billy Redden (born 1956) is an American actor, best known for his role as a backwoods mountain boy in the 1972 film Deliverance.He played Lonnie, a banjo-playing teenager in north Georgia, who played the noted "Dueling Banjos" with Drew Ballinger ().The film was critically acclaimed and received nominations for awards in several categories. And I'm struggling really hard to make ends meet.[3]. The babysitter said her house was one of the dwellings the police checked. It's peaceful, not a lot of crime going on, just a real peaceful town. He played a banjo in the skit. I asked her, 'Sarah, why aren't you out there playing with the kids?' The Will County Sheriff's Office did not arrest Redden in 1981 in connection with Sarah's abduction. It explored the feelings of people in Rabun County four decades later about the 1972 film. The sheriff's office told Patch this week that Redden was questioned by investigators in connection with Sarah's disappearance at the time. Sarah's mother, Jame, and Sarah's younger sister left Joliet, moving to Georgia, according to the babysitter. He may even give you an autograph. The film was critically acclaimed and received nominations for awards in several categories. Sarah's babysitter recalls the night Sarah went missing, July 21, 1981, as if the crime happened yesterday. My mother and I were there in October when the second search was conducted and their team's dedication to our case is commendable. Eric Weissberg Dies: Arranger & Player On ‘Dueling Banjos’ Song From ‘Deliverance’ Was 80, 11 December 2018 He was released from the Illinois Department of Corrections in May 1975. Redden found it too risky and quit (so he says). "We're pretty certain it was Billy. "It is not breaking news to us though," Marie wrote. Over 30 people have died on the river since the film was made.

How did the Joliet neighborhood react upon learning that Redden was on Will County's short list of potential suspects at that time? “The boy (Billy Redden) actually is quite bright, but because of the way he looked, he was treated as retarded by the community.” Redden couldn’t play banjo, so they found another kid who could. There seems to be a debate over whether Billy Redden or Hoyt Pollard played the banjo playing inbreed in Deliverance.Does anybody know who this Hoyt Pollard guy is and what his claim to fame is? Stalmaster recommended Redden to the director John Boorman, though Redden was not an albino child as Boorman had requested, and Redden was cast.[1]. She realized Marie was there, but Sarah wasn't.". "The kids just played. In 2009, Redden played again his usual role (The banjo man) in Ace Cruz's film Outrage: Born in Terror. "In 1981, they did a cursory search of the property and the residence on consent to search," Will County Deputy Chief Dan Jungles informed Joliet Patch this week. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. In 2019, the babysitter and one of her now-grown daughters were interviewed by the Will County Sheriff's Office investigators as they pressed forward, trying to solve the cold case mystery. In 2004, Redden made a guest appearance on Blue Collar TV, playing a car repairman named Ray in a "Redneck Dictionary" skit. ", The Will County Sheriff's Office said it is seeking the public's help, particularly "anyone having information pertaining to William R. Redden, of Joliet, around the time of the disappearance of Sarah Avon. He was not a stranger. In 2012, 40 years after the release of Deliverance, Redden was interviewed in association with a documentary, The Deliverance of Rabun County (2012).

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