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She legitimately sounded so embarrassed by Garrett. it won't literally be today because then people will shame her for the ring thing (even though she deserves thag ring after dealing with that asshole) but yes we will hear it soon, I doubt they’ll announce while Becca is in la Quinta doing Bach things.... but maybe it would be better to be surrounded by people when it breaks. I’m very stubborn so it’s hard for me to see where he is coming from and I wanna address that and-and-and-and I don’t wanna take away from this entire conversation cause it’s so much more than him….but seeing what’s being posted and what’s going on and his side of things is….what is very prevalent throughout our country. Thank you! I'm sure she's been bracing herself for that. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The one thing...when I saw Garrett’s post I was taken aback. Y’all get these breakups right 99% of the time and it’s kinda terrifying lol. Now he can go be full on trash and make no effort to learn or grow or challenge himself at all. The Proposal is a fairly popular book so I feel like this one might be reading into things a little too much (love Jasmine Guillory though). Some of Garrett’s views are flat out bad, but surely Becca knew all about his beliefs in the time they’ve been together. ", She shared, "We do just need some time to heal. We really, truly did. The top of the book has a part of a review you can read saying "Guillory writes..." so I googled "Guillory author" and the cover for The Proposal came up and matched exactly. ... accumulation of things,” a fan wrote on Reddit. I don’t know if people are listening y’know but hopefully you’ve seen the news, you’ve seen the Black Lives Matter and the protests and this movement that’s been taking place but Garrett, my fiance..not the Garrett on HB’s season had put out a post that was the black square with the blue line through it, and basically it was saying “cops lives matter too”. More posts from the thebachelor community. When Rachel tells her that Garrett’s post directly hurt the BLM movement, she sounded SO embarrassed. I also think that Garrett is not intellectually equal to Becca. I know because I was often the one being downvoted. You can’t work with that. Because we don’t see it with this statement. Then, I think most of us assume he forced her to defend him on the podcast based on her clearly emotional confused response and his comment on her Instagram basically giving off the vibes that he forced her defending him. Further evidence of a breakup between Becca and Garrett - Becca is reading a book about a rejected engagement proposal in front of a huge audience and dealing with the fallout. Becca and Garrett's breakup comes after his controversial pro-police Instagram after the George Floyd protests. . You guys know... A break up after 2 years is still hard and probably makes her sad, despite who he is. In what world does this post alone suggest it’s confirmation my dude, OP i appreciate your sleuthing! The former Bachelorette star, 30, confirmed their split on Tuesday’s episode … But here ya go If they want the speculative comments to stop—which I’m sure at least Becca does—they’re going to have to announce. To me. To any relationship, there’s a lot of layers. Everyone is an ally when it can generate clicks. Becca Kufrin appears on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast where she opens up about her relationship status with Garrett Yrigoyen following his controversial police statements. Becca when she announces her break up with Garrett. Bachelor Nation will always remember that season as having one of the craziest endings of all time. That book is so good! I was with family and close friends, and he was out on the West Coast doing the same. According to the podcast host, there’s more to the story than the problematic Instagram post. I was coming here to comment this. Becca urged "Bachelor Happy Hour" listeners and the rest of Bachelor Nation to allow both Garrett and herself space and time to heal. She said, "I want to preface this with I’m sitting in my apartment alone, recording this by myself. Stay connected with the latest news from Bachelor Nation delivered to your inbox. (Also, her podcasting job kind of requires her to talk about her relationship a bit.) He absolutely read and agreed with them. Honest question - what motivation does Garrett have in this whole "wait two years before announcing so the ring isn't returned"? Are you producer or PR under cover :). It’s Blake and Becca, not Becca and Garrett. Their lifestyles don’t mesh anymore. Then, she said she wanted Garret to do a podcast and explain himself, and he backed out of Nicks when Nick gave him that opportunity. I hope they can figure it out, but if not Becca deserves better!!! And I wanna support black lives and I wanna support cops. I won’t even dignify Becca’s ignorance with words. I just want them to break up and social distance. i remember commenting at the end of last year that it’s likely that Garrett hadn’t changed since the bigoted meme liking incident on this sub...and i got downvoted into oblivion lmao. He got some sponsorships through hosting hunting/fishing trips but nothing current. If they broke up or do break up because of him vocalizing his opinions of which she surely knew enough about, then their relationship was never that strong to begin with. He has become more understanding but there’s still a lot of growth and education and changing of mindsets that I want to see take place. (Maybe I’m missing something)....but she definitely would have told people- family members, the friends she is ABSOLUTELY not quarantining with and out hot-tub-drinking have none of them spilled the info? The fans first met Becca on The Bachelor season 22, which was led by 36-year-old Arie Luyendyk Jr. Press J to jump to the feed. I assume Becca would be the one to keep it (like Kaitlyn did, not Shawn). And I think that’s how he’s correlating the two...but I need to stand up when I don’t agree with something...I don’t think it was the time or the place or the right sentiment. Unless there is more pics on her stories. I can’t Imagine being so in love with someone to then have polar opposite values that you can’t get past?? I hated when she said “I’m not going to put words in his mouth.”.

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