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|   Most steelhead rivers in this area would be considered small to medium sized with many averaging only 10 to 20 wide with an average depth of 2 or 3 feet. Community forum The is a very cold clear river with lots of good water for natural reproduction. Sixteen Mile Creek – Sixteen mile creek is a lesser know creek that offers some steelhead and salmon fishing. All Game & Fish subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. On most streams, the season runs from the last Saturday in March to Nov. 15. The Saugeen River is probably the nicest river I’ve seen for brown trout, brook trout and resident rainbows and a favorite for many canoeists. Contact: Brule River Classics, (715) 372-8153 or Access can be good and the large runs of steelhead and salmon can make the fishing good at times. A Perfect Drift Guide Company offers drift boat trips for steelhead, resident brown trout, and resident rainbow trout in late April, May and June and walk and wade trips are also available in the upper sections. Salmon Centerpin Fishing on the Credit River. There are numerous access points in the Brule River State Forest. OTHER STEELHEAD STREAMS The White River, from Wh. Regardless of the fishing pressure on the Grand river there are always un-crowded sections that have lots of big, scrappy and numerous brown trout over 14″ and browns in the 25″ to 27″ size are caught every season. Special regulations apply on most of the trout water section. Ontario Fly Fishing Maps ~ Rivers ~ Guides ~ Fly Patterns. A good starting point would be Greenwood Conservation Area. I was curious if there's a consensus over whether the Maitland river around Goderich area or the Bayfield River is better to fish right now. Much of the lower 10 kilometers of river is in a deep scenic valley and once down in the river you would never know you are surrounded by cities. A great way to see this river is by guided boat trip offered by A Perfect Drift Guide Company/ They fish and drift the limited access water sections of the upper Saugeen in a comfortable stand up pontoon drift boat which gives anglers the opportunity to see some of the nicest and scenic water and a chance at some of the biggest brown trout in the river. Fly Fitters offers guided fly fishing, spey fishing, and sport fishing adventures on the Maitland River, Bayfield River, and Saugeen River in SW Ontario, along the shore of Lake Huron, located near the town of Goderich, Ontario. The Upper sections are close to Orangeville for anglers looking for food, gas or accommodations. YouTube Video, Duffins Creek – One of the bigger creeks of the area this river has resident brook trout, brown trout and get good runs of steelhead and salmon. SIOUX RIVER The Sioux probably ranks second among Lake Superior tributaries in popularity, largely because it is quite accessible. There is also resident brown trout and rainbow trout in the areas around the town of Paris. Published Apr 1, 2017. Come walk the Bayfield River Valley Trails. Some late fall Steelhead centerpin fishing action on Bayfield River.. Special regulations apply on most of the trout water section. ; Lake Superior Steelhead Association,; Anglers All,, (715) 682-5754; Outdoor Allure, www. It’s best to check the regulations under exceptions in zone 16 for clarification on the rules of this river. It flows into Lake Huron and has an extended fall season worth checking out. It is relatively small, and rather inviting to just about any angler who enjoys a wilderness getaway in the heart of southern Ontario. It’s the perfect place to take the family for the weekend. © 2017 - All Rights Reserved. Try Rainy River, Lake of the Woods, for a mid-summer dream trip. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Carp fishing can also be good down near the mouth of the river. But it’s not just for the fly guys, it’s a great river with a float rod or to throw lures. Some of the brown trout and brook trout sections are very technical with lots of wood and forest cover to contend with and some very finicky browns but for the persistent angler the rewards can be worth it. It also means that because the great lakes are full of steelhead and salmon that just about all the rivers in southern Ontario are likely to have trout and salmon in them as well. Required fields are marked *. Pending water levels, Bowmanville Creek Fishway Blog – some cool pictures. There’s also brook trout and brown trout in this river and it has some decent access through the town and in the parks areas like Cedar Valley Conservation. I highly recommend and that you please release your fish and help make this a great fishery again. On some streams, the season runs from the first Saturday in May through the last Sunday in September. Below is an angler fly fishing the upper credit River and a happy angler with a 23 inch resident brown trout from the upper Credit River. Nottawasaga River System – The Notty, as the local anglers call it, is the biggest wild steelhead and salmon river flowing into Georgian Bay and is said to have the largest runs of wild steelhead in all of Ontario. It’s been out of print once or twice before and is sometimes hard to get so get it while you still can. Still having trouble identifying salmon and trout.My guess is female steelhead, and two male chinooks?I know the big one is half dead but what a fight! In this video, outdoor writer and tackle specialist Shane Beilue breaks down the difference between a rod blank’s action and power and discusses what the various ratings of each mean. The river is 10 minutes east of Orangeville and has lots of good access points. The Flag River flows into Lake Superior at Port Wing. since opening in 2002. There are runs of big steelhead, salmon each season. For a small creek it has good runs of steelhead, and salmon and some lake run brown trout. All Rights Reserved. Perfect for family outings The upper stretch, up river of the town of Alliston might be another 40 or 50 km of windy forested and wooded river. I've fished both with some success but not in many years. The lower section has been getting good runs of steelhead and the runs seam to be getting better now that some of the dams have deteriorated enough that the steelhead can access some good spawning grounds. I have heard talks of access being denied in certain areas due to many unethical anglers littering, excess noise, and causing property damage. (February 2009), Mike Pollak caught this fresh-run steelhead on the Bois Brule River. Whether you are a season fisherman or a beginner we will customize the perfect trip Your email address will not be published. It’s a big river in comparison to rivers like the Credit, Beaver River or Humber and it’s one of the biggest rivers in Ontario that offers brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout in the same sections. The upper Humber has wild brook trout populations and some nice brown trout mixed in and is much more scenic. That is why we can’t cover them all but, chances are if a small creek or river around you drains into one of the bigger rivers mentioned here it’s very likely that it will have trout and maybe steelhead and salmon in it. Hey angler gang, Just getting back into salmon and steelhead fishing and I was planning on going to head out in the waders this weekend. Good acesss for anglers without a pass can be had in the mouth area near Wasaga Beach area. Most rivers are fed by cold clean ground water in the upper sections and that means most of them will have brook trout or brown trout and maybe rainbow trout in them some somewhere. This river is less fished because it sits between the more popular Credit river and Bronte creek and also because it tends to get smaller runs of salmon and steelhead. ... Ontario's Saugeen River Steelhead Fishing - Duration: 10:37. In the fall, look for Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon as well.

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