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Most likely you need to recode your MMI because coding is lost or software changes require new coding. Hello.I have now the same problem,did you find solution? Thank you. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Dann erscheint "Green Menu Loading....". I update me rns850 vw 7p with software 1023 and hn+eu-vw p0823. It’s MMI Radio. any tips? Please go back to the original coding or recode the whole car according to your optional equipment and region. Is there another way to access aux i am trying to connect dockboss to play music off my iphone via bluetooth. Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu can be used to change coding & adaptation of Module 5F – MMI 3G Control Head, enable some user interface features and tweak user experience. So very basic. Press and hold together button: SETUP & CAR (or MENU & CAR). Hello, In VCDS software, select “09” – the central electric module, select 07 code,click “long coding help” to find the “Byte 8” and change the value from original 10000000 to 10010001 and save the setting. Select “03” – ABS brake, select “16” to allow entering, enter the password “61378”, execute the command. Was kann man im Hidden Menü alles machen? I do not have a “SETUP” button on my console. Enter the hidden menu, select “car”, “car coding vehicle”, find “configuration line”, then you will see total five options, and you can select from these five pictures the one you like to appear when starting up the mmi system. März 2017 um 21:40 Uhr geändert. 4. Oh and by the way the car is a UK A4 Allroad Quattro on a 63 plate (2013). Codierungsliste Audi Q5 8R (2008 - 2016) Die folgende Codierungsliste enthält alle möglichen VCP / VCDS Codierungen, Freischaltungen und Anpassungen, die wir beim Audi Q5 8R durchführen können. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. I have an Audi A6 (c6) 2006 model. MMI can not display oil temperature. Check this article: info about device with device address, selected above. How do you find ”visible languages” in green menun on a mmi 3g+? Check out full description of the hidden green menu. You can customize lots of user interface details and enable some optional features. I do not wish to pay for MMI connect to have this option, since it was working fine before. I saw the mic kit on eBay but I have gone all over chasing wires and can not find anywhere to plug the mic in to the mmi 3G system or the Bluetooth module it’s a 2011 q7. As you have now explained it is an MMI 3G Basic. Is it possible to enable VIM through the green menu? i just make some changes on my audi a6 , with vag com and green menu ,and now i have these probs: Is there a certain order or do I need the cable first. Have successfully enabled green menu and followed Main/Diagnose/Settings/Import media. it either goes into the CAR or MENU scree , but not the green menu. Hi Would you happen to know what command I can type to achieve this, or if there’s a Android app that provides an interface like the one in the video?, You are most likely using a universal OBD2 interface (ELM327). My 2016 q3 splash screen goes blank when I turn the power off to the radio , but on my 2014 S4 it goes to the welcome screen ? 14. parking aid ventilation heating system Big problem is that i CANNOT ENTER GreenMenu again so i can mark again “Ignore region and variant” and then flash back good firmware. Many Thanks, Albert. When in manual and sport mode the gear number is displayed but not whilst in drive mode. There’s HVAC somewhere there. -doesnt want to unlock using remote key , only from door lock manual , after this is working from remote 6. This is where my problem is. After opening this function, if any of your car door is closed properly,  there will no beep when you press to lock the car, which is a good reminder for you to close all the door properly before you leave the car. Look for VIM (video in motion) enabling over here. Thanks for keeping this web site with all this great information.ü_aktivieren&oldid=228, Viele Statusinfos sind abfragbar, GPS-Status, etc, GPS Geschwindigkeit (production/mmx_prod/navigation_prod/ebnav_prod/gps-info_prod), Deaktivieren Loudness (klingt dann sehr doof), Einstellen, ab welcher Zeitersparnis das Navi die Route neu-berechnen soll bei Stau (steht Default auf bei mehr als 4 Minuten). B8 (facelift) ended in 2015. I have 2014 Q5 and lost ability to have google earth on my navigation after last update. We don’t have experience with that system yet…. To perform this procedure you need a interface that communicates in CAN standard.. UK specification from 2008 Audi A6 brochure. Just changed the 0 into a 1 (Audi A6 2005 mmi 2g) and pressed car + setup button at the same time…. Turn on the sound of locking and unlocking car. How can I actívate the green menu in the RSE MMI unit? can somebody tell me what exactly means all that thinks on green menu mmi2g ? I don’t think it’s enabled. Any help would be appreciated. I follow the instructions and change channel 6 from 0 to 1 but once I read it again its back to 0 – I have attempted to launch the hidden menu and nothing so the mod in VCDS is not working for me. Can I turn off the auto leveling headlight function for my 2015 Audi q3? I hope you can help. I can not do the hidden menu – this is my second A6 to try it on and can’t, I have tried Menu the Car =, Car then Menu, Both at the same time etc, I have enabled using VCDS just to confirm. First of all thanks for your contribution to the community! When I scroll to channel 6, by default it shows the value 0. The small strange tow lines text at the left up corner of display such as ” ScreenID:6xxxx” “ScreenName:charismaMain” Yes, you can. Dabei erst NAV/MAP (oder CAR) drücken und gedrückt halten, dann RADIO zusätzlich Drücken und ca. 13. the steering assist fog Enabling audi mmi hidden green menu – script & VCDS. Check: just wondering if you can share the VCDS or the VAG-COM software like you kindly shared the MMI update CDs and the NAV DVDs. Die Freischaltung des Hidden Menü, auch Green Menü genannt, muss einmalig Codiert werden. 2.Choose procedure 10 – Adaptation. Try contacting Carista developers to confirm that in fact this option works in this car. I have an issue with my (retrofitted) MMI3G+… The “Parking Aid” menu is grayed out and I can’t get it to show. Remember to click on “Update Splash Screen” to confirm your selection. All I am trying achieve is a quality Aux In port. You can do that immediately by pressing system reset key combination. Make sure if you are using MMI 2G or 3G system and look for hidden menu description for your system here on the blog. If not I still thank you in advance for all the other help videos you created online. Backward and select “07” code, choose “long coding help” to find “byte1”, and then change the value of bit3 from 0 to 1, exit, execute the command; The second step is to find “56” – radio module, choose “07” code, click “long coding help”, find “Byte8”, check “bit6”, and save the setting and exit; Finally find “17” – the dashboard module , select the “07” code, click “long coding help” to find “byte4”, then check “bit0”, and save setting. You can reset oil reminder with MMI, but not the service reminder. By default it should be 0. When browsing the Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu stay away from Bootloader options unless you know exactly what you’re doing. 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