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21~45)Falgarbon (Lv. 41+)Annihilator's Apparition EQ (RDR Lv. ARES 13* Time for Ares. 51+)Oodan (Lv. 51+)EX Training: Sylvan Wyverns, Predicahda Nero (Lv. 76+), Road Roller (Lv.

11-30)Emperappy (Lv. Ares Sword-NT アーレスソード-NT. 1+)Yede (Lv. 1445; 1950; Phantom Nature Supported: S1: Revenant's Resolve.

Greetings! PSO2 The starter guide; Magatsu; Zieg’s Orders; Klotho’s Time Attack Orders ( TACOs ) Dark Falz; Open Search.

Mining Base Defense Operations: Incursion. This weapon's Potential has the following effects: Upon using a Photon Blast, gain a bonus based on the type of Photon Blast used. 66+)Annihilator's Apparition EQ (RDR Lv. The activation of this effect is marked by an emblem appearing around the character. 480. Attack Sentence Arma, Dengeki Polytanland! 31-50)Dirandal (Lv.

51+))Special Mission: Tokyo (Silver)Special Mission: Tokyo (Gold), 30 Power III Ability III Stamina III Mizer Soul Dynamic Reflection Ignition Parry, 30 Power III Stamina III Ragne Soul Precision Sniping Sonic Arrow, Aerial Attack Org Soul Power III Ability III Stamina III Rising Edge, Dark Vibrace Yuga (Lv. 66+)Gu Wonda Yuga (Lv. 66+)Corruption Survey: Naberius Area DropCorruption Survey: Lilipa Area DropPerennial Apocalypse EQ (VH+)Unleashed Prestige (VH+)PSO2es: neme (ARKS Ship Debris)PSO2es: Quick Search (Yggdrasil)PSO2es: Quick Search (Phantom Pillar), Immediate Strike Pursuit of Flame Ability III, Org Blan (Lv.

the North American wiki, it can be found at. 51+)Guar Zigmorde (Lv. 61+)Bal Rodos (Lv. In PSO2, they are the "heavy" Melee weapons that have fair range and high damage, but also fairly slow. 36+)Torbon (Lv. Bestow an additional effect based on the Photon Blast type when the Photon Blast is used. 71+)Regiment 2018 Collection, Buster Quest (Grade 3)Endless Belligerence (SH+)The Beckoning Woods (SH+)The Menacing Castle (SH+)The Crimson Castle Crusher (SH+)The Dark DemolisherIncarnation of Knowledge (SH+)Enchanted Forest Exploration (SH+), Deathblow Fury - Adv. (UH)Hr/Ph/Et 15★ Weapon Collection, Lightweaving GuardianSupported: S5:Release Parry, Greetings! 41+)DF Apprentice Gia (Lv. 76+)Gibbloodan (Lv. 41+)Annihilator's Apparition EQ (RDR Lv. 61+)Jagd Dingell (Lv.

Appears in Weapon ShopCommon Drop (Normal), New-Type's Law Breath of Bladed Essence Blow Resist III, Another History Spiral Edge Soaring Burst, Lanz Vareda (Lv. 36+)Mining Base Defense: Invasion EQ (Hard+)Profound Invasion EQ (Hard+)Perennial Apocalypse EQ (Hard+)Annihilator's Apparition EQ (RDR Lv. 41+)Mining Base Defense: Invasion (N+), 30 Burn IV Power III Stamina III Spirita III Enraged Stance Twister Fall, Code from Kotobukiya: Vermillion Shiki Plastic Model Kit, Rockbear (Lv. 76+)Zieg (Orbit Series Exchange), Rat Phamut (Lv.

36+), Goldrahda (Lv.

2)Special Mission: Tokyo (Silver)Special Mission: Tokyo (Gold), Technique III Negative Hunter Crescent Blade, Persona (Sword) (Lv. 61+)Odin (Lv. 31+)Rat Phamut (Lv. 71+)Revolucio Collection, Thunderblade Knight Prestigious Protection Soul Receptor, E-Trial Reward (Lightning Espada)Rainbow-colored Ribbon Exchange ShopClient Order Reward (Lightning Espada)PSO2es: Eternal Tower Block Clear Reward, Obstinate Spirit Celestial Cleave Myriad BlessingsSupported: Soul Receptor, Stunning Edge Mortality's AnteSupported: Soul Receptor, Progeny of the Apocalypse EQ (SH)Perennial Apocalypse EQ (SH)Zieg (Invade Series Exchange), Machine's Mark Tempering Trainer Spirita V, Unleashed Prestige EQ (XH)Unleashed Prestige Collection, 30 Darkness Soul Power III Vinculum Spirita III Mutation I Darkness ReleaseSet Effect, Progeny of the Apocalypse EQ (XH)Perennial Apocalypse EQ (XH)Zieg (Austere Series Exchange), Heavenly Blessing: Light Wings Astral Soul, Perennial Apocalypse (XH+)The Endless Darkness (XH+)Zieg (Sword Upgrade)Divide QuestSpecial Mission: Tokyo[Rainbow], Ivory Dragon: Greuzoras Drago (Lv.
71+)Train Ghidoran (Lv. The effect of this bonus will persist after usage until the weapon is switched, but will be restored if the weapon is re-equipped. Bewitched Woods Exploration Castrum Demonica: Madness S1: Will of the Dying Increases attack power by 4% but reduces HP by 5% of max … 810; 1445; 1950; Phantasmal Gift … 61+)Enchanted Forest Exploration (VH) area dropVarious Emergency QuestsBuster Quest (Grade 2)Special Mission: Tokyo[Rainbow], New-Type's Oath Rising Edge Spirita Alpha, Chaotic Roar of The Dragon LQWeapons Badge SP Exchange Shop 4, 30 Ability III Power III Mutation I Dancing Night Blossom, 20 Vinculum Stamina III Spirita III Colossal SpiritSet Effect, Shiny Stone ShopPSO2es: Quick Search (Corruption Survey: Naberius), Shiny Stone ShopPSO2es: Quick Search (Corruption Survey: Amduscia), Shiny Stone ShopPSO2es: Quick Search (Corruption Survey: Lillipa), Freeze V Snow-White Sacrifice Perennial Conqueror Phrase Chase, Chaotic Pranksters' Sneer LQA World Engulfed in Shadows LQWeapons Badge SP Exchange Shop 3, Perennial Apocalypse EQ (XH)Perennial Darkness CollectionPerennial Darkness Collection 2Weapons Badge SP Exchange Shop 2Leontina's Certificate Shop, Ethan Client OrderEthan & Karen E. Trial reward, Urgent Maneuver 1 Urgent Maneuver 2Set Effect, DF Apprentice Gia (Lv. Corruption Investigation: Naverius Corruption Investigation: Lillipa Corruption Investigation: Amduskia Trick or Treat 2018! 71+), Rock Golem (61+)Bomber Golem (61+)Resta Golem (61+)Prin (★15 Materials Collection 2), Iron Juggernaut of the High Seas (XH+)Zig Permit Exchange Shop, Mastery III Challenger of Darkness Modulator, Esca Falz Mother (lv.76+)The Lunar Phantasm Matriarch (XH+), Blessing of Life Life's Guidance Augmented Blossoming Sentence Triple, Deus Esca, Maker of New EpochsZig Permit Exchange Shop, Augmented Blossoming (Clifard) Sentence Triple, Deus Esca, Singer of GenesisZig Permit Exchange Shop, Greater Supernatural Bane Ruins Menace: OnslaughtSupported: Omega Buster, Enduring SparkleSupported: S3: Timeflow Vitality, Crimson Fellwyrm Over The CastleBlack Fellwyrm Rises From RuinPrin (★15 Materials Collection 3), Eye of the PhoenixSupported: S2: Perfect Descent, Buster Quest : Castrum Demonica BattlePrin (★15 Materials Collection 1), Lethal Combat Fury: Defense Sentence Arma, Lethal Combat Fury: Offensive Sentence Arma, Spirit of a KnightSupported: S2: Partbreaker's Resolve, Rising Weapons Badge 4 ExchangeBewitched Woods Exploration (SH+), Critical FormationSupported: Soul of Darkness, Extreme Training: Earth & PhantomsElite Training: Madness & PhantomsUnique Weapons Badge Shop, Corruption Investigation: NaveriusUnique Weapons Badge Shop, Corruption Investigation: LillipaUnique Weapons Badge Shop, Persistent FurySupported: S3: Persistent Fury, Corruption Investigation: NaveriusCorruption Investigation: LillipaCorruption Investigation: AmduskiaTrick or Treat 2018! 36+)Crow Phamut (Lv.
Tracking - Fire/LightSupported: Phrase Weak, PSO2es: Nightmare Tower Block Clear Reward, Christmas MiracleSupported: S1:Collaborator Liberator, A Merry Christmas On Ice 2019 (UH)Special Collection Sheet (SP), Mobility AnomalySupported: Phrase Response, Ship Infiltration: Large Enemy BattleshipZieg (Sage Crest Exchange)Incarnation of Knowledge (UH), Luminmechs (Lv. 51+)Special Mission: Magatsu (Silver)Special Mission: Magatsu (Gold), Gigur Gunne-gam (Lv. Ares Sword. 51~55)Dark Falz Loser (Lv. This wiki is for the Japanese servers only.

Revolutionary Technique Breath of the Warrior Impact Ward III, Precision Strike Glimmering Rhythm Mutation I, Alternate History Draconian Bane Howl of the Sealed Dragon Burn III, Precision Strike Stalking Blaze Mastery III, Photon Booster Exchange ShopAstracite Exchange Shop, Mining Base Defense Operations: Incursion (N+) Mining Base Defense Operations: Ending (VH+), Rising Weapons Badge Shop 1Prin (★15 Materials Collection 1)Prin (★15 Materials Collection 2), Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair (XH+)Prin (★15 Materials Collection 3), Oath to a New Dawn Spirit Alpha Rising Edge, Freeze V Snow-white Petals Barren Blossom Phrase Chase, Rising Weapons Badge Shop 2Barren Blossom, Destroyer of AllBarren Blossom, Corupter of All, Perfect Knockout Delicate Undertaking Burn V, Prin (The Next ★13 Collection 1)Advance Directive: Forest (SH)Advance Directive: Volcanic Caves (SH)Advance Directive: Tundra (SH)Advance Directive: Ruins (SH)Advance Directive: Abandoned Mines (SH)Advance Directive: Nightfall Province (SH)Challenge Mile Shop 1, 20 Vinculum Stamina III Spirit III Thunderblade Knight Garland Guard Soul Receptor, Gear Ward Practiced Augmentation Spirit V, Barren Blossom, Butcher of LightZig Permit Exchange Shop, Mastery III Elem. 86+)Zieg (Profound Series Upgrade), Circular ProgressionSupported: S1:Immediate Intent Sacrifice's Bite, Ultra Exploration: NaberiusPiper of Disharmony (XH+), Mobility AnomalySupported: Sentence Power, The Guides of Creation (XH)The Underground Nightmare (XH)Perpetual Madness (XH), Seasonal ChangeSupported: S3:Furious Inspiration, Oceanids (Lv.91+)Piper of Disharmony (XH+), Natural Release Natural Release Plus Ability IV, Magisterial Onslaught (XH)Quintessence of Steel (XH)Zieg (Conqueror's Crest Exchange)Piper of Disharmony (XH+), Elem. 91+)Special Mission: Tokyo[Rainbow], Phantasmal Darkness Darkness Shield Darkness Ward Phantasmal Darkness PlusSupported: Power VI, Zieg (Austere Series Upgrade/Invade-NT Series Upgrade)Dark Falz Persona (Lv. If you're looking for

Sync: Fire & Light Phrase Weak, Mastery III Greater Phantasm Bane Vinculum, Platidrahs (Lv. 11~40)Vol Dragon (Lv. ( PSO ) (PSO2) The Sword group ( ソード系) is a series of striking weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2. Using multiple Photon Blasts within the same Quest instance will stack each individual bonus, but the same type of bonus cannot be stacked twice. 1) (Normal+), Vol Dragon (Lv. 2) (XH), Gul Solda (Lv. 46+)Falgarbon (Lv. * This weapon always drops with its Overgrind Limit at 35 and its Attribute Set to 60. Most swords can be equipped only by Hunters and Heros, while a new character starting as Hunter will receive a Sword-NT upon starting their game. 31-50)Dingell (Lv. 66+)Unleashed Prestige EQ (SH+)Shiny Stone Shop, Zeshrayda (Lv.

1~35)Mining Base Defense: Despair (N+)Mining Base Defense: Demise (N+)Red Containers, 50 Another History Freeze IV Guilty Edge Guilty Break, Gul Solda (Lv. 810. Swords are the quintessential melee weapon common to role-playing games. 61+)Oceanic Menace EQ (XH), Mining Base Defense: Invasion EQ (XH)Mining Base Defense: Demise EQ (XH)Beckoning Darkness EQ (XH), Geragodan (Lv. 66+)Perennial Apocalypse EQ (VH+), EX Training: Sylvan Wyverns Boss Enemies (Lv. 31+)Mining Base Defense: Invasion EQ (Normal+), Gu Wonda (Lv.

Zig Permit Exchange Shop.

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