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The garment was soaked through with her sexual juices, urine and fecal matter, and Anakin winced not at the mess in the absolutely filthy diaper, but at the inflamed red lips of his wife's vulva. Anakin does not change his male gaze throughout the entire film, but somehow by the end Padme welcomes his piercing, brooding eyes. She kissed Anakin and caressed his ears with her soft hands, moaning into them and biting his earlobes as he continued plunging in and out of her most delicate orifice. she gasped as Anakin continued thrusting into her, kissing her in-between words. Why would she lose the will to live if she still had hope for Anakin and just birthed his children? Nothing is good enough for this kid. Adults only, contains sexual assault, forced nudity, violence and other types of M-rated content. The lovemaking went on for quite some time, Padme constantly kissing and moaning, whispering sweet words of love into his ears. a familiar voice said as C-3PO shuffled into the medical bay, with Padme covering herself with her small hands. Padme wondered if this made her the whore Jabba and his men made her out to be ad she kissed Anakin and gasped out loud in his ear. She was so besotted with him, so in love, that she didn't care if she wasn't protected. The pasties came next, making his wife totally nude before him. "Anakin…!" She thought as she dug her fingernails into Anakin's back, moaning as he plunged deeper and deeper, thrusting harder and caressing her bare breasts as she cried, tears falling from her eyes in joy. This maternal-like relationship obviously does not portray any romantic energy and when the two are reunited after a 10-year absence, Padme tells Anakin he will always be a “little boy” in her eyes. Please comment below! Padme continued suckling his cock as Anakin stepped out of his pants and underwear, kicking them aside as his naked wife pulled off of his now fully-erect member, standing up before him. By the end of their relationship, she simply loses the will to live. Your review has been posted. She moaned at the entry as she considered for a moment the consequences if any of this got out. The part of this interaction that makes no sense is that Padme would enjoy this comment. R2-D2 followed them, rolling through the sand slowly and entering the ship as the door closed. At one point in the movie she has cameras set up in her room for her protection and she asks Anakin not to look at them while she is sleeping, even though he is assigned to protect her. It seems like the celibacy rules of the Jedi aren’t too strict. She was glad she did her Kegel exercises, because in the rare moments that she got to be intimate with Anakin, it made the sex infinitely more enjoyable. It makes no sense and it is a rotten way to treat your leading female character. "Go up front and start the takeoff sequences, will you? In the moment on Geonosis, when Anakin and Padme are potentially facing their end, Padme confesses her love for Anakin. PADME IN THE PALACE CHAPTER 11: slave to love. Thanks to my lovely girlfriend Sarah for her ideas given to me during writing this story. This confession is everything the young Jedi has been dreaming of since he reunited with her. 114 Anakin Skywalker HD Wallpapers and Background Images. - Wallpaper Abyss she cried out loud as she came, Anakin following shortly afterwards. These do not sound like the requests of someone in love. After describing how coarse and irritating sand is, he looks at Padme and says “Not like here. Her pasties shimmered as the tassels swung around on her nipples, swinging in tune with her childlike braids as her carried her. The end of the story. The Jedi council are able to sense when he misses his mom, but later they can’t sense that he has agonizing fear of his secret wife dying. "To hell with it." Padme didn't relish that, but she knew that the attitudes towards her and Anakin together would grow in time. "Don't be angry, please." "I'm going to be okay. Padme screwed her eyes shut and cried out loud, gasping and crying as her legs closed tightly around Anakin, forcing his manhood deeper as she screamed in pleasure. Image of Episode II: First KISS for Fans of Anakin and Padme 11269769 Anakin pulled out a rubber bulb with a nozzle on one end, placing it in a chemical solution and holding it out to his wife. "Don't be." He instructed, gulping as he approached her with the douche. Anakin plunged deeper and deeper into Padme as she cried and gasped, tears falling from her lovely eyes as he stroked her long brown hair, no longer restrained as a pair of girlish pigtails. Anakin needs to do a better job of sensing the moment. However, instead of accepting her admission of love he responds by saying they already agreed not to be together because it is forbidden. She felt herself squeezing him harder and harder as she felt the welcome tingling between her legs growing to its zenith. Anakin should break free of the Order to become a mechanic on Naboo with Padme -- they could have had a happy life and a lot fewer people may have perished. The possibility of her pregnancy made her think of Alusia and her unborn baby, and hoped she made it to the Republic hospital with her child. We realize that it is mentioned in the film that the Jedi’s vision is being clouded, but what about Obi-Wan? Source: Not sure been on my hard drive for a couple of years. Padme and Anakin both chuckled at that last exchange, closing the door and latching it magnetically as Anakin continued cleaning his secret wife. In no time at all, Padme was suckling Anakin's member to its full erection, making him moan and hold her head in his hands. It does not shock us that Padme would be interested in a bad boy. Since Anakin is able to secretly be with Padme we would think his angst would be gone, but unfortunately it is not. However, even with her he remains emotionally immature. He groaned as he spilled his hot, sticky seed inside of her womb, making his wife cry out as she came again. She kissed him as he held her closer, his mechanical hand gently stroking her long brown hair and undoing the childish pigtails that were forced upon her, throwing away the hair clips and allowing her long, dark brown hair to flow over her naked body. The movie made a ton of money, but was met by an underwhelming fan reaction, as it lacked any resemblance of a throughline. They would have to gradually break the news of their secret marriage to the Jedi council in the coming months now that the war between the Separatists and the Republic was really heating up. All the signs pointed towards Natalie Portman’s character, Padme, despite no romantic interaction between her and Anakin (aside from nine-year-old Anakin asking 14-year-old Padme if she is an angel). Although the character was only nine years old in the film, fans already started to speculate who the mother of Luke and Leia would turn out to be. He let go to pull his robes off and reveal his bare chest, scarred from a multitude of battles. Padme then pressed herself against his cock, taking his hard length inside of her vagina. This structure presents a very difficult task -- it must depict both the anger in Anakin that the Jedi council warned him about and create a bond between him and Padme. Padme briefly receives the kiss, but then quickly puts a stop to the young Jedi’s advances. Multi-chapter erotic epic. Padme nodded and kissed him again, staring into his eyes before her own eyes closed in bliss. Padme lay back and moaned out loud as she rode out her second orgasm and closed her eyes in utter bliss, her lack of contraceptives completely forgotten in her post-orgasmic mind. He is closed off to Padme and unable to express himself to her. We have no idea how this conversation turned into a building block for their entire relationship. If Padme was so important to him, why isn’t she mentioned in the following three movies? There is pressure on Anakin to bring balance to the force, so perhaps this is what happens when you put those expectations on a child. It's my first prequel-era Star Wars Story, and I thought about doing one where not only is Padme a slave, but is rescued and impregnated by Anakin afterwards. The medical droid cannot figure out what is wrong with her; he believes she is losing the will to live. Anakin thrust into the naked queen gently and slowly, making her gasp as her legs were spread wide apart. There have been so many memes and jokes made about Anakin’s infamous line “I don’t like sand” that some fans have forgotten he turned it into a pick-up line. It is a difficult plot thread to weave and sadly leaves a number of holes. Aug 29, 2020 - Explore Duchess Of The Moon's board "Anakin And Padme", followed by 495 people on Pinterest. Unfortunately the film leans so hard into the angsty teenager trope that the courtship is both unbearable and barely believable. Padme said as she held him close, her bare breasts pressing against him. Padme cried louder as she felt him digging deep, deep into the very depths of her cervix, hitting her womb and making her cry out loud as his hands worked over her bruised, sunburnt breasts, his mouth covering one of them and suckling hard. Yet, moments before she thinks they will die, she confesses her long-lasting love for him. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. "Padme, open your legs please." "Oh yes, god yes!" She just finished saying that she thinks Anakin still has good in him and she just had two babies. In a film franchise where the main characters have as many lives as a cat, Padme is greatly mistreated. See more ideas about Anakin and padme, Padme, Star wars. There is a moment in Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones when Anakin leans in to kiss Padme as she takes in the beautiful scenery of her home planet, Naboo. First of all, Padme is a key figure and she stands for a free world.

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