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camera flight control, advanced analytics, video stitching and wireless “The H22 brings 4Kp60 Ultra HD video at extremely low power into the The on-board 1.2 GHz Quad-Core ARM® Cortex®-A53 CPU provides more information about Ambarella, please visit What if you need 4k, this is possible. Select your size here, Memory Size Will you be recording large videos at a high resolution and need as much memory as you can to get it all on a micro SD card, Removable Battery Require a removable battery so you can take the battery out and replace for long days out recording, Drop Proof If you require a camera that is drop proof and tough, select here, remember, most action cameras become more tough when they are in their housing but aren't advertised as such. Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA) is a fabless semiconductor design company, focusing on low-power, high-definition and Ultra HD video compression, image processing, and computer vision processors. You can continue in this fashion and continually add multiple cameras you are interested in to compare their specs side by side. Here is our ever expanding list of specs and information we collect for each action camera, this list is ever growing as new action cameras come out with new features. Screen Size is the size of a screen if it has one. Field of View is the largest field of view (fov) the camera has when recording. cameras with leading-edge video features. The company’s products are used in a variety of cameras Filters You can filter by many different things, and we're continuing to add new filters every month or two as the site and information grows. Recommended Activity will show the most recommended activity for this camera, some are made specifically for cycling, some are better for diving and some purely for drone recording. Chipset is what processor/chipset the action camera uses, you'll notice that a lot of the action cameras use very similar, if not the same chipsets inside their camera. Cam Score Sort by our cam score tool to put those more highly ranked at the top or bottom in ascending or descending order, Manufacturer Sort by action camera brand/manufacturer in alphabetical order, Highest FPS You can sort by it's slowest frame rate, so if you want super slow mo footage, click this to put those doing 240fps and 120fps nearer the top, Battery Life If a long battery life is what you need, sort by this to show those with the best battery life in descending order, Field of View If you are looking for an action camera and a specific field of view, or something narrow or something really wide, click this to sort by field of view size, Depth Rating Sort by how deep the camera can go to put those ready for scuba, freediving, spearing and snorkeling at the top, Memory Capacity Sort by the size of the memory capacity of the action camera, if you need something with a large capacity an will take micro SD cards of 128gb or more, sort in descending order, Price If you are looking at a price point, click to sort by price and it will show you action cameras in their price order, Recording Bitrate This shows the max recording bitrate the camera can do, sort by this feature to show you what can record at a higher or lower bitrate, Release Date When the camera was sold to the public, sort by new or older action cameras, Weight You can sort by weight too, to show the lightest action cameras at the top, if that is what you are looking for, Photo Resolution Finally you can sort by photo resolution, so if you want large photo resolution photographs on an action camera, this sorting feature will help you find that. External Review is for the best action camera reviews specific to that camera, we have linked to the best informative review for each camera so you can really find out whether its right for you or not. Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a leading developer of low-power, HD and Ultra HD video processing semiconductors, today introduced the H22 System-on-Chip (SoC) targeting a new generation of 4K drones and sports cameras with leading-edge video features. ©2017 Ambarella. You can do that with the Camera Compare filters on the left, at the top, by simply selecting the cameras that you want to compare against each other. If there is a filter or sorting feature that you would like, don't hesitate to email us and ask us to implement it, we will see what we can do to help you. You need much more battery life to record time lapse footage so need an action camera that can record with an external battery and power supply. Buying Options shows you whether you can buy these action cameras brand spanking new or used (second hand), if they're older than 6 months old there is a good chance you can now buy that camera you are after refurbished or used for a lot less. and service offerings, specifications and pricing at any time without notice. Go to Price (less than) and enter in that box the number 250 and click Apply, then click on Depth Rating on top of the table headings and it will order the table by how deep you can dive, freedive or take an action camera. Ambarella Introduces H22, a 4K Ultra HD SoC for the Next Generation of Drones and Sports Cameras. Storage Devices some of the action cameras have internal storage as well as being able to use microSD for recording more video footage. Now click the columns titles that are sortable and they will reorganise the table and sort it based on what feature you clicked. Sensor is the sensor being used by the camera inside, if you're after a specific sensor for your action camera you can see what they all use and filter. The new H22 SoC is capable of encoding 4K Ultra HD video at 60 frames External Review is for the best action camera reviews specific to that camera, we have linked to the best informative review for each camera so you can really find out whether its right for you or not. What if you need 4k, this is possible. service offerings, specifications and pricing at any time without Ambarella H32. excellent imaging and advanced noise reduction, and a hardware de-warp

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