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I know of others who have a more general approach, but they still consistently and actively seek out informal exchanges of goods and services rather than the licensed and taxed guy with a storefront on Main Street. Instead, it will arise as a result of market processes. Why it is your duty to stop supporting the government → Any time a neighbor borrows a power tool instead of buying (or renting) it, or a friend helps another with his vehicle, it’s counter-economic. report. Several war tax resisters were arrested in a symbolic civil disobedience action targeting the nation’s first new nuclear weapons manufacturing plant in decades, in Kansas City, where NWTRCC was holding its Fall 2011 national gathering. - A subreddit for posting and discussing test results as well as political self-tests in general. As the state is banditry, revolution culminates in the suppression of the criminal state by market providers of security and law. Activists in a recent workshop see the current economic meltdown as an opportunity for bottom-up innovation of new styles of economic organization, comparing the present calamity to past economic crises that had given birth to inspiring radical social movements and experiments, and seeing the potential for more of this today. That's it really. I think this is a very good place to be. Based on the political compass… Listen Later API Data Discover Real-Time Episodes being played now. → According to Amon Twyman of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET), political philosophies which support transhumanism include social futurism, techno-progressivism, techno-libertarianism, and anarcho-transhumanism. guide to its collection process, and a 1952 story about the dismissal of war tax resisting Methodist minister Richard M. Fichter. offering to pay his taxes in full if they’ll assure him that none of the money will go to pay for war and armaments. As Sunni writes in the comments to his post: Right now, the agorist counter-economy is non-existent. He countered, in a nutshell, by saying Rothbard's points were incorrect, inconsistent, ignorant and, in some cases, just plain stupid. 1 hour ago. I was thinking the same thing tbh. $  Market Economy A "free market" economist who is a dead ringer for Milton Friedman is eventually convinced to switch his allegiance from the collapsing government to the emerging stateless economy. More posts from the PoliticalCompass community. But in order to figure out which political school of thought you're most closely aligned with, you need to ask yourself how you feel about various issues. Any religion that commands slaves to respect their masters and make it a sin to rebel against tyrants, is little more than a psychological dictatorship established for the express purpose of protecting the powerful. End the state, Free market means no government interference. Libertarian. Press J to jump to the feed. Konkin was especially keen to point out that Rothbard's support of voting was misguided and illogical holding that actually bona fide anarchists wouldn't waste time "voting for masters" and instead seek out "the underground railway", or, put more simply, would seek out counter-economic tactics to undermine its power and self-interests. level 1. Could it be that we are already participants? Agorism shortened to A3 (Anarchy, Agora, Action) is an Anarchist and economically right-wing ideology. Also: taxation without representation in Iraq, Allen Ginsberg on democratizing mass communication, the Political Compass, and Lysander Spooner on government as an ethical hallucinogen. J. Neil Schulman's novel Alongside Night is dedicated to Konkin and based on his theories. With the government’s tendrils woven throughout the economy, it’s tempting to throw up your hands and give up on trying to make personal economic choices that aren’t tainted by complicity with state coercion. Also: notes on the underground economy in San Antonio and war tax resistance in Spain. Linaweaver's and Koman's sci-fi writings also incorporate some influence from Konkin's political theories. The algorithm used by SVT's Valkompass to get a percentage of how well two entities' political opinions are aligned.. Overview. Konkin's philosophy has been recently experiencing a posthumous revival. Alex Raskolnikov has imagined a picture of the future, and it’s a tax collector stomping on a handshake forever. Other terms he coined that have not encountered much usage outside of his own circles include left-Rothbardianism (another term for his own theories, meant to highlight their derivation from Rothbard before his shift to the right) and partyarch (anarchists who are members of political parties, institutions which Konkin saw as inextricably statist). A coalition of Christian peace groups asks its members to take a tax resistance pledge. Also: a thriving agorist-compatible alternative banking system that’s older and better-established than the mainstream banking system — hawala. The trouble with tax-exempt politicized churches. If you are game and do try looking, you'll not find much other than a few snippets, a stub on their official Wiki for both Konkin plus Agorism and the lengthy letter Rothbard addressed to Konkin. Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Slavery, Sin, Emotional Abuse. The New Libertarian Manifesto advocated the growth of the underground economy outside of government control which would eventually lead to a showdown where the government would attempt to initiate force against the black market to suppress it. Black markets matter! Absolute monarchism is absolutely right wing authoritarian. fraud, the upcoming military budget, tax resistance during the Great Depression, underground economy as tax resistance, war tax resistance in the Basque country, getting creative with traditional-to-Roth IRA transfers, and when it comes to war crimes saying you were just following orders is no excuse (says Dubya). And that much is legal… probably… so far, anyway. Yeah, I realize there probably be revisions based on feedback lol. Great Moments in Passive Verbs. The uniqueness of our take on politics is reflected in the gratifyingly enthusiastic reviews we’ve enjoyed in the national media of many countries from our earliest years — as well as from many teachers and academics who continue to use our work. In Growing Agorism, the Perfect is the Enemy of the Good. That said, I often find myself frustrated at FSK’s seeming lack of creativity in finding agorist solutions when they exist all around us. Excerpts from the new edition of the “Handbook of Economic Disobedience,” from the tax rebels of the solidarity economy in Spain. The federal tax angle to legal marijuana sales in America. Also: the underground economy, a.k.a. hide. A new website to help the distributed DIY solidarity economy, tax resister barricades in Ireland, a profile of war tax resister Jon Klein, more vermin at the I.R.S., and another toll gate destroyed by Rebecca. Alignment(s) Agorism Draw a diagonal line and fill the bottom part with black (#141414). A tax pro recommends you just hang up on the I.R.S.’s new private debt collectors.

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