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Chief Yesser Arafat leaves Beirut; Bashir Gemyel, the President elect of Lebanon, assassinated; Soviet President breathes his last.1983US attacks Grenada; USA withdraws from UNESCO.1985India gets Presidentship of UN Security Council; Soviet President, Mr. Konstantin Chernenko, dies; Vietnam withdraws troops from Kampuchia.1986American air attack on Libya.1987Nuclear tests by USSR; Fresh proposal by Gorbachev; Group 77 meet at Havana; Unsuccessful military coup in Philippines, Prime Minister of Lebanon killed.1988WHO observes 7th of April as no smoking day, French President re-elected, Gen. Zia-ul-Haq killed in plane crash, Quake kills about 1,000 people in Bihar (India), George Bush elected President of USA, Arafat declares on independent state of Palestine, Nearly 1,00,000 people killed in earthquake in Armenia.1989The UN Peace keeping force starts implementation of UN Resolution 435 for the independence of  Namibia.1990The Panamanian President surrenders to the United States. 10 Facts About The First Date You Probably Didn’t Know. Some dates are very fuzzy, partly because there is no particular year in which it is possible to say “the wheel was invented then”, despite its clear importance; partly because the accounts we have, even of quite recent events, can be misdated; partly because primarily oral cultures produce either no chronology or one that is wholly speculative. Sep 26, 2017 Channel 4. Henry did not want this to happen and tried to convince her otherwise. [3] Sandler joined the cast in December 2002, and was announced as co-producer under his film studio Happy Madison Productions along with Steve Golin's Anonymous Content. The tennis was so terribly faked that it made me ill as a good tennis player. But the portrayal of anterograde amnesia is actually not horribly wrong. There are over 42 cameras in the restaurant . Easy questions about the movie. And what about the birth? Henry falls in love with Lucy on his first date without knowing about her. 23 1088 First university founded in Bologna, Italy: the start of a modern conception of higher learning and universal knowledge. They came to the realization that visits were stressful and unhappy memories for them but had no long-term effect on their father at all. UN General Assembly has approved Ban-Ki-Moon as the new Secretary General. It is heard over the film's end credits. 40 1885 Benz develops first petrol-driven car, starting the most profound technical and social revolution of the modern age. I haven't seen "Before I Go To Sleep," but now I'm going to check it out! Though I don't have amnesia, I do tend to lose things when I go to sleep. He knew what was going on, was constantly writing everything down, but said he couldn't remember anything from the previous day. It is American Romantic Comedy film. Chile elected socialist Michelle Bachelet to be its first woman president.

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