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Ben puts a champagne glass that Abigail touched in a bag with some iodine and super glue which makes her finger prints visible and peel-able for him to use at the security check in. Ben Gates Riley Poole : : Ben Gates A credit card slip? Ben Gates The property’s Catholic connections were renewed in 1852 when it was conveyed to the Redemptorists who used it as their novitiate. Abigail Chase Can I marry your brain? Abigail Chase Abigail Chase ... For the record, Ben, I like the house. : : You're treasure hunters, aren't you? Officially it's documented as being 4:10, but to me it looks more like the little hand (the hour hand) is pointing to the two. ―John Adams Gates Ben Gates : : Yeah - that would be a big problem. [examining the back of the Declaration]  : Uh, Ben? It's Valley Forge. It's Valley Forge. : : National Treasure Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Abigail Chase Some of the lines regarding Charles Carroll were cut from theatrical release, but were later added to blu-ray special features. Look, if you wanted to leave me behind, you shouldn't have told me where you were going. Hello fellow National Treasure fans! Right. : Is she pregnant? : Ben Gates Oh! [taking the Declaration]  I lost my feed. : Abigail Chase Ben Gates Well... uh... Ian... Preservation, hmm. Or it could be, since the primary writing medium of the time was iron gall ink, the "pen" is... just a pen. I donated them to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. We don't need someone crazy. And you didn't believe us! Abigail Chase : Who were those men? Abigail Chase : : Ben Gates : Where are you? Dad, where are the letters? : The Liberty Bell was moved to a nearby glass pavilion in 1976, and then to the Liberty Bell Center in 2003. Abigail and Riley head toward Philadelphia City Hall, but when Abigail trips over, Ian finally gets his hands on the Declaration. No, we didn't. Yeah, well I'm not all right! Sadusky Carroll moved to New York following the War of 1812, and Commodore John Rodgers became one of the house’s first tenants in 1815 before building his own house on Lafayette Square. Home to Three Generations and a Founding Father. Ben Gates For this? Welcome to the Charles Carroll House and Garden in Annapolis! There's no known reason for why either of those times were chosen. A souvenir. Treasure Hunters: A National Treasure Fanfiction Fanfiction. Ben Gates Riley Poole Abigail Chase It's all right here. Riley! : Get out of there now! You hungry? Are you with me? Ben Gates ***Due to COVID-19 the Charles Carroll House remains closed to the public.***. The Preservation Room. We don't actually have it. Abigail Chase

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