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Hotaling has taken on a couple new lines for distribution in the US.


Free Wheelin’

A stylish and original convertible balance bike that keeps expanding along with children’s skills!

The Free Wheelin’ Rider Sport features adjustable axle heights front and rear, grippy rubber tires,  a  reflective sticker in front, and an extra rear axle to convert the bike from three-wheels to two   –   going from a pushbike to a balance bike in minutes! The restricted range of the handlebar radius helps prevent children from crashing, and the handlebar grips protect children’s hands from getting smashed.

As a three-wheel pushbike, the FW Rider Sport combines safety and security with the incredible joy of freedom of movement and as a two-wheel balance bike, the Free Wheelin’ Rider Sport teaches more advanced riders the skills they need for all future cycling, while maintaining the same levels of safety.

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