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On the news there was a segment on how many times kids ask for pets.  Would you believe the average is 1582 times before they turn 18?  I’ve got a great answer with Froggy’s Lair.  Froggy’s Lair comes with absolutely everything you’ll need to get started on your journey with adorable African Dwarf Frogs! Each kit comes with a habitat that can house up to two frogs. You’ll also receive a year’s worth of food, Bio-activated sand, colored gravel (available in twelve colors!), and a live bamboo stalk!  Once you set up their habitat, you only need to feed them a twice a week.  The BioSphere is self-cleaning.  Change the water every few months, but other than that, you get to enjoy having them as pets without a lot of work.  Of course, you need to pick fun names and I’ve named mine Fred and Ethel.


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