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Scratch was new in 2019 and in 2020 they had a name change to Dam LLC and added a new line Avenir.

Scratch is Belgian designed, which of course means safety first.  Their toys focus kids on fine motor skills, recognizing colors and shapes, building, drawing, walking and yes even cycling with their Grow-Along Bike.  You’ll find lots of games, active play, puzzles, wooden toys, and furniture.  And yes, they have easels too!!

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Avenir has creative and fun DIY arts and crafts kits with a twist.  One of my favorites is the scratch art kits.  Kids can use their imagination and creativity to create their own scratch artwork.  Kits include everything you need, are well priced, and come in cool packaging.  My personal favorites are the Create Your Own Lightboxes.  Here’s a quick Lightbox Video.

You can combine Scratch and Avenir orders together.

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